1/2 Way, it's time to admit

Goff has got to go!
I wanted him to succeed.
His staring down of receivers, inability to shake a safety, his lack of pocket presence and no improvisation abilities all lead to a defense being able to shut down.
Have you noticed the early scripted plays to start the game seem to have the most success. Once the opponent knows our concepts, Jared has no clue how to adjust.
We need a QB with pick #1!


He’s #11 in the league in yards and QB rating. While I’d love to have the #1 rated player at every position, that just isn’t how the NFL works.

We are returning almost our entire offense in 2023. Build the defense and those close losses become wins.


Yeah, it’s obvious. Most important position in sports. If you can upgrade yourself without hurting your future too much, you go do it 10/10 times.

1st pick, UFA, Trade, Lions will have options with the war-chest of earlier picks and money that can be made available.

Can’t ignore the defense though. Offense is built for any QB, imo, I mean take Goff out this year and put in Lamar Jackson and I think Lions record is better even with the same defense.


I was in goffs corner too. I hope he keeps playing good so lions can get a better pick for him but if lions have a chance at one of the top qbs in this draft i now think they need to trade goff and go get one of them. For the reasons stated above.

Lol, it should be obvious after watching the packers game if elite QB has shit receivers he plays like shit. People must be just stupid. Goff is not the problem in this scenario.


I’m on the fence
Season-to-date, I can’t say Goff should be the go forward guy
I don’t care where he’s ranked — those early games are skewing his ranking
He’s been far too inconsistent, even when he had the full load of talent on the field
Tough decision at this point
But I lean toward drafting a new guy if they believe he can be da man


I think Goff’s inconsistencies can be tied directly to the injury report most weeks. Other than ASB who did he have out there yesterday? He had Swift for about six plays, and a bunch of practice squad guys. I think Goff can be serviceable, but we need to fix that defense. If we can get a couple of studs in the first round plus a couple of good free agents we can definitely be middle of the pack or better on D. I’m not opposed to spending a second or third round pick on a QB but I don’t think any of these guys available this year are worth top 5 consideration. In my opinion there’s too many question marks about them.


Goff has the most turnovers in the league for any QB over the last 5 seasons. And he’s not exactly Brett Favre who at least gives you some reason to put up with his turnovers. He is ho hum average and a turnover machine.


You mean those early games with Swift, Saint, Hock and Reynolds all healthy-ish? The Rams cut ties with Reynolds and the freaking Titans deactivated him mid season and then cut him! He’s been one of our better offensive player sadly…

Lions- Swift, J Will, Hock, Saint, J Reynolds, Raymond

Packers- Aaron Jones, Dillon, C Watson, Doubs, Lazard, Tonyan

Rams- Kupp, A Robinson, Higbee, V Jefferson, D Henderson

Raiders- D Adams, Renfrow, Waller, Hollins, Jacobs

Cardinals- D Hopkins, R Moore, J Conner, Z Ertz, Hollywood Brown, Eno Benjamin

Jags- C Kirk, M Jones Jr, T Ettienne, Z Jones, E Engram

Broncos- Javonte, Sutton, Jeudy, Hamler, Melvin Gordon

Jets- G Wilson, E Moore, B Hall, M Carter, C Davis, Conklin

Each of the above teams has a massive investment at QB- either traded and paid, or drafted and paid, or just drafted high recently. Except the Lions…. We got picks with Goff…. He also has a higher rating and more TDs than the other QBs of the above teams….

Goff 100%

Swift 28%
J Will 42%

Amon Ra 60%
Reynolds 71%
Raymond 54%

Hock 65%

  • so yes early in the year Goff looked better. When he had somewhat of a roster around him. We also played one of the hardest schedules in the NFL so far.

That is a fair point too. Actually a really good one

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Lionpile is also dead on.

Malik Willis was a disaster last night. However… he had zero WRs to throw to. By the 2nd half the Chiefs threw 7 plus in the box and challenged the corpse of R Woods to beat them…. Henry was overwhelmed behind the LOS from that point on….

Goff was out there with guys like B Wright, Zylstra, C Reynolds, Raymond and Kennedy… the fact that Kennedy and Raymond are getting this much run is scary….

Fact- in the NFL you can’t throw to guys who can’t get open with regular success.


Lots of truth here. Goff seems like a really good dude.

I actually feel kind of bad for him … he is literally throwing to all practice squad level guys, other than ARSB.

So it’s not fair to say ‘eh, he sucks’. Blah, blah, blah.

I will say, he looks like a guy who relies on talent, because his mechanics have never been great. He doesn’t form an upright ‘C’ with his hand, and get on top of the ball like almost every other QB. So it comes out wobbly and with less spin and velocity than he could have if he just made some small changes.

He also looks like he’s never lifted a weight. Could be genetics, so will give him a pass … but he gets paid well enough to have strength coaches and dietary consultants that could increase his strength.

He has some talent, but leaves a lot on the table, and that’s what drives many of his detractors crazy.


We’re lions fans a certain amount of stupidity must be assumed. We have come to routinely blame 3 things, the head coach, the starting QB and the Ford family. Logic goes out the window (what’s that no real reliable receivers still the QBs fault) (Goff is the 11th ranked QB while our defense is #45 out of 33 draft a 1OA rookie QB that’s what we need)! Stupid you ask, of course there is stupidity involved!


There was a couple drives yesterday where Goff looked listless and was throwing some lame ducks. but the Oline was allowing a lot of pressure and he didn’t have a lot to work with.

Then a few other drives where he made great throws with anticipation and authority. The second TD was a great throw after he bought time in the pocket, looked off coverage and threw to his third read

We have all seen that when he is surrounded by good players and protection he can be a pro bowl player who can pick apart any defense


I actually like Goff a lot more now than did at start of the season. Believe you can win football games with him if has the supporting cast/average defense. That being said believe you can win more football games with B Young if he has a supporting cast/average defense. Assuming we’re in position to take Bryce Young I would draft him. If we aren’t in position, pass on the QB position & keep rolling with Goff


Honestly biggest thing thats actually depressing

Taylor Decker is starting to look washed tbh, and idk entire what to do with him

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We need to draft our QB of the future high this year, and keep Goff for another year or trade him (for more magic beans). I don’t blame Goff for the offense’s struggles the last few weeks, or at least it’s not all his fault. And he’s a better option than what plenty of NFL teams are putting out there. But he also continues to make too many dumb decisions for a vet with his experience. As many turnovers as he’s had, he’s fortunate to not have a lot more with how careless he seems on some throws.

In any case, it’s not really about Goff. We will be drafting high and have ammo to trade up to the top if we want to (assuming we’re not picking there anyway). There’s a good chance this is the last time we’re in a spot like this for several years at least. We should be drafting or trading up for Bryce Young. If we have a chance to get an elite blue-chip QB to be the guy for the next decade, we need to do it and not look back.


Need defense. Btw GB has a pretty good defense. Yes we beat rodgers, but their offense his horse crap.


This isn’t a deal breaker. If you want to move up to get your guy you typically can. The only time you can’t is when the #1 pick matches a teams need perfectly so they take the QB (Bengals, Jags).

The Chiefs moved up from #27 to grab Patrick Mahomes.
The Texans moved up from #25 to grab DeShaun Watson.
The Rams moved up from #15 to grab Jared Goff.
The Eagles moved up from #13 to grab Carson Wentz.
The Bills moved up from #21 to grab Josh Allen.

If we fall in love with a guy that’s great. But I wouldn’t force it with the idea that “we only have one shot at this because we will be picking too low next year.”


Maybe we can trade up for Bryce since many people will hold his size against him with a much more reasonable trade package than say the 49ers paid for Lance. I really love Bryce Young. I want him badly.