10 QUESTIONS WITH TWENTYMAN: What will the snap counts at RB look like this week

Interesting comments on the pass rush (bolded added by me).

Pass rush suddenly seems like a big concern on D: what do you feel like they can do to solve that issue?

— Jon (@JonsEcon) September 21, 2023

20man: I’d be more worried if Detroit wasn’t getting any pressure at all, but that’s not the case. They have 34 pressures in two games, which ranks fifth in the NFL behind only Green Bay (48), Dallas (41), San Francisco (41) and the New York Jets (35), per Pro Football Focus statistics.

The problem has been marrying the rush and cover a little better to prevent quick throws, but also finishing those pressures with sacks with all four guys upfront staying disciplined in their rush to make sure there’s nowhere for the quarterback to escape to.

I had defensive lineman John Cominsky on my Twentyman in the Huddle podcast this week and I asked him about the lack of sacks early on, and he said they aren’t concerned about it. He said sacks come in bunches and will come if they continue to pressure like they have been. His concern and the emphasis in the room this week is bottling up the escape lanes.

We’ve played two very savvy veteran QB’s with outstanding pocket awareness and escapability. The sacks are coming.

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