11-6 last 17

I love playing this little game. And I know each season is its own thing.
But the Lions are a respectable 11-6 their last 17 games.
Dammit math is hard 10-7 last 17 we need a win this week to fleet to 11-6

I love keeping a rolling tally on this stuff.

Hmm well maybe this is not as sexy as I thought since they could lose next 4 and still have 10 wins. On the flip each win in the next 4 really ramps up that last 17 record :wink:

Love it! Let’s GO Lions!

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10-3 in the last 13. Any nfl teams better than that?


If we win only 57% of our remaining games, we will go 10-7 with a 82% change of making the playoffs…. As of today.

Just 8 of 14…. We for 9 of 14, like 64% and we have a 11-6 record and a 98% change of making the playoffs!

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9ers are 12-0 heading into this Sunday against the Cardinals. If they win, then on Monday the answer will be yes.

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Not going to lie.
This feels like San-Frans year. But things can change quickly.

There is always lady luck influencing a game. I think we can all name clear examples where the team that won it all have had thing bounce their way during the championship season/game. A big one will always be injuries. So lets see where the 49ers are come the end of the season. Purdy needs to win something before I can have belief in him.

As it sits today. The Lions and Philly are the only 2 teams in the NFC that have starting QBs that have led their team to the SB. So lets not act like the Lions do not have advantages. Goff has been there and done it before. And I believe he will do it again with the Lions only this time bring home the trophy.

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