11 NFC team with winning records? WTH?!

I can’t recall going into week 6 either conference having this many with a winning record?!

Most yrs, at the end of regular season, we see 7-9 team with nine wins or better.

NFC is in pace for 11 right now?! AFC is 7 I think. No parody in the ranks! Good and really bad.

We have a possibility of two NFC teams getting to a winning record and not making it. I’m our division, we could get to ten win and be pushed out still… currently about 20% chance at 10-5-1…

This is anoth reason I feel the way the NFC is shaping up as a whole, this GB game is framing huge right now!

We must win and a lot to cover ourselves in what seems like a very strong conference right now …

We may even see WCs that contain no 8/9 win teams this yr!

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The AFC is really shitty this year, once you get past KC & NE. What’s the next tier, Hou & Buff?

I feel like Buffalo is building something. they may not be ready just yet, but they are building something real. They very easily could have beaten the Patriots in that game.

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The NFC is definitely the better conference this year but they haven’t started to really beat up on each other yet. That’s why in the last month teams play inside the conference and division so much. The schedule will equal out some of the separation.

If the Lions can do well in conference and win the division then we know we have a real contender here.

I think the NFC will likely produce the SB winner this year.

I still can’t see an NFC team beating the Patriots in that game, just yet. Lots to reveal itself still tough. Eagles will be better by playoff team. Saints will be on a mission, when Drew comes back. NFCN is figuring itself out. Rams could improve. SEA could get better.
Loooong way to go.

If the AFC is so bad this year and the Pats have played mostly AFC teams, does that kinda sorta indicate they can be beaten by better teams?

It’s early. Wait until 10 games in before you start talking about “winning teams”. Some teams play really easy games in the beginning and some play harder.

10 games in is where you should have a real handle on who is a good team. 6 games for the play off push. I doubt there will be eleven 6-4 or better teams after 10 games.

I will say - the 49erz haven’t played anyone, so I don’t know who they are. Lots of newness there.
In contrast, I feel like I’ve seen the Patriots somewhere before. Almost feel like I’ve seen this same team, same coach, same system beat a couple of “better teams.”

IMO, until proven otherwise, they are king of the hill.

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Patricia has their number Lions 26 - NE 5. Tom Brady retires and confesses he’d never seen such a dominating team in all his Super Bowl games.

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Pretty sure I love you, dude! In a very masculine, non-romantic, sorta way!

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