18 Game NFL Schedule May Be Coming In 2025

So over the last 2 years or so rumors of a 18 game season have been rising. We all know the NFL wants more. It IS the most watched TV program in the USA. So it seam’s obvious to expand it to 18 games. And to balance out this stupid odd and even number of home games for teams.

So it could be done by,
1 add a second bye week back to the schedule.
All teams have their first bye week before week 10/ the trade deadline. This would also mean only 12 games would be each week. Meaning only 9 games are on at 1pm/pm on sunday.

2 reducing the preseason to 2 games.

3 Opponents are,
6 Division Games,
4 Games vs a Division in conference
4 games vs a division out of conference.
2 Games vs equal strength opponents of the other two in Conference divisions
2 Games vs equal strength opponents of the other two of the other 3 out of Conference divisions.

So the schedule would look like this.

And an added bonus of doing this would be.

  • Week 1 is Labor Day Weekend. Monday double header more spaced out. Like 6pm and 8pm.
  • Super Bowl is Presidents day weekend. Meaning SOME people and kids will have the day after off.
  • Hall of fame game is the first weekend in August. Superbowl is mid February. Meaning there would only be 23 weeks of no football. BUT, the draft and free agency is in there so really only 21 weeks of no major football events.

The Lions opponents would be this

2 pre-season (H & A)
2 byes
18 game schedule
Enlarged rosters

Been saying this for a few years now.


Yea. enlarged rosters for sure.
It’s currently
16 Practice Squad.
53 Signed.
48 Game Day.

I could see.
20 Practice Squad.
56 Signed.
50 Game Day.

Players have been begging for the 2nd bye since they got rid of it. Same with the reduced pre season. Which as we saw this year. Very few teams even played starters much. Most just practiced more or had joint practice.

But also the other thing too. Bigger roster, more games, the Cap will have to go up a good amount too. In 2025 the cap is expected to be around $270m. They will have to bump that closer to $300m. BUT as i said.
Your adding another game to the regular season (more stadium money)
Adding 2 more weeks to the season (minimum of 6 prime time games)
And only 9 games most weeks will over lap. So 6 games on at 1pm 3 games on at 4pm.
So 1/3 of the usa will see the same game. 3 CBS 1pm. 3 Fox 1pm. 3 at 4pm.

The league makes more money. Players get more rest. Its a win win.


Players can’t stay healthy to begin with.

So lets make a 14 game season, I mean 16, I mean 17, I mean 18 games.

■■■■ the players! We want more money.


The Owners!

ps - we care about player safety a lot :wink:

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2nd bye feels like it could be good for player health, as well as improve likelihood that the best team wins more often (injury “luck”)

Don’t like 6 division games, although it would help us short term, as we will sweep the division for the next 2 or 3 years. Teams in weak divisions get even bigger advantages, as well as it makes it weird with home field advantage shifting (2 home/2 away…now what?)

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