18 game seasons?

Latest rumor is the league will shorten the pre season, and expand to 18 games.


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Eisen had some solid thoughts on it, especially the part where the league states “not all players have to play 18 games.”

Its not gonna happen, its just something that keeps getting dangled out there for negotiating purposes

What if the league shortened preseason to two, entered another bye week, and gave the players cannabis?

I think thats what it would take, but I think it could happen.

I hope not, though.

They already make too many changes for me. I say bring back Kickoff Returns!!!

Let them tackle the QB without a flag! Get rid of the “complete the process” rule for receptions.

I will go back to something the President of the NFL Players Association said years ago. Marijuana testing is not an issue for over 90% of the league. So why would over 90% of the league agree to give up something of value for something that doesn’t effect them?

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If that’s the case, why bother?

Regardless of your stance on it, I can’t help but still look at the topic as leverage.

Im with you Natty, i never liked Arena football, and im afraid that is where the NFL is headed.

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This is what should happen. Two (home/away) preseason games is more than enough.

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It would be cool to not have to have so many preseason games. That’s about the only thing I hate about the way the NFL season flows.

The owners will never give up two games unless they get two more games. I don’t think they could or would mandate players not play in 2 games, that just seems stupid.

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remove 1 preseason game and go to 17 so you have an odd number.

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They want to make the safer but make more money off of the players. You can’t have both. Football is a brutal sport and extending the regular season isn’t going to be good for the game long term.

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As a side note, I’m totally on board with adding at least 1 more playoff game. Give the #1 seed the only bye and make the #2 seed play that first weekend.

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Oooohhhh NICE! That would be one extra wild card team and 3 games on Saturday and Sunday. Playoff football ALL DAY AND NIGHT. That would be awesome.

I’d ditch 2 preseason games and leave it at 16 games. 18 games dilutes.

Move the season up so that we’re not playing the super bowl in February. And play the pro bowl after the end of the season, if at all. It’s beyond stupid to have the two best teams not send players to the pro bowl.

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How many years ago are we talking? Was that before it became widely used as a medication? I bet 90% of the league smokes, I dare bet they’d enjoy not having to worry about being tested for it.