#1OA What do you do with it?

No scout, no break downs, no rankings, just borderline drunk most Saturday nights on the west coast at 7:30 when most the Oregon games are on TV. I watch a good amount of their games because they’re always on here. I never watched specifically for Thibs, but he does shine, and that’s why I started paying more attention to him… even before the proability of the Lions getting him evolved.

There are plenty of game tape videos that you can watch on these prospects and do your own personal scouting or watch scouting videos. It’s all subjective after that.

I also watch a lot of college football and have seen a lot of Thibodeaux and he has stood out to me as a game breaker. Just one mans’ opinion though.

Are you referring to those highlight videos that are created? And where do you find scouting videos?
Of course, these are one man’s opinion as you stated.

I would wager they are less than borderline come Sunday afternoon :upside_down_face:

We need talent so badly, I’m with you on this.

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Luckily the Lions are on early enough here that a bloody mary is usually the hair of the dog. However, after today’s game, I may have to step that up if I’m going to continue to stomach watching them.

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I don’t think there will be a QB that generates that amount of interest. We’d probably stay out and grab KT. I’d be fine with that as well. At least he is legitimately a defender that the opposition has to prepare for.

The problem is, it’s looking like a very thin QB draft.

Let’s pray Thibodeaux plays the rest of the season in a way that makes him the obvious 1OA.

If the Lions want to take a flyer on a potential future QB in the 2nd or 3rd, I’m down with that.

Yeah, for me it’d have to be a really good haul because we need elite players like KT. We literally don’t have one guy a *team has to plan for. I don’t think this is going to be a draft where we can employ the slide down technique either. I really only see KT and maybe Stingley and Hamilton as elite level talents.

Zing Zang, some olive brine, a splash of hot sauce… excellent Sunday football starter. Celery, pickle, olives for filler

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Don’t forget the bacon straws.

explain please

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Get the paper “throw away” straws and wrap a piece of thick cut bacon all around it. Put them in the toaster oven until they’re cooked and then slide the paper straw out and use the bacon straw to drink your bloody.


While I totally get what you’re saying and agree with you, opposing teams actually do prepare for Hockenson. They make sure they double him every play because non of our receivers can get open.

There is still a lot of time. Assuming we have the 1, I would like to see us go bpa limited to qb or pass rush. If that isn’t where the value is, then potentially a trade. But so much time before we even get there.

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Have you ever considered Absinthe in one of these?

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Would you take rattler at top of 2nd? Go stud defense at 1 and a wr with other 1st and rattler? Or who is your qb to grab in rd 2? Or pass on qb all together this draft? Or perhaps flip that and get rattler at end of 1st for that extra yr of team control.