#1OA What do you do with it?

I think the first question needs to be, would you keep it or sell it? I think you can make a case for either one. I’m not seeing a clear cut #1 this year, which I’m sure the offseason hype machine will change, but this team needs massive talent injections all over the field. Kinda curious what approach you would take.

If it’s worth selling, it’s because there is a QB worthy of the pick.
If there is a QB worthy of the pick, we need him as bad as any other team possibly could.

Turn in the card.


If you sell it, you need to do it for players and not more picks. This team needs players, not a motherload of picks.


Thibodaux and don’t look back.


Somebody remind me…when was the last time a team traded out of the #1OA?

BPA. I know it’s trite, but BPA. This roster is awful. You can then possibly use the 1st rounder from the Rams on something more specific.


1997… the Parcels trade. I don’t know if that’s right or not, but it’s all I remember.

So basically when people here talk about trading out of or up into the #1OA every year they are kidding themselves (my kinder, gentler way of say”delusional”)

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Delusional works for me. As Lions fans… delusion is pretty much all we got.


Many people said the same thing about trading Stafford and his contract for two 1sts and a 3rd. Delusional is most certainly ON the table.

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Trade down if not Hamilton. Walker is been good this year getting his Short stop would be nice.

I believe it was when Eli refused to play for the Chargers and was traded to the Giants. This same thing could very well happen to the Lions.


You draft Thibodeaux and then smile


Don’t see it myself, though I’ve only seen his games from this season. Doesn’t jump out, like the Bosas, Chase Young who you saw it immediately. And my God, though I know broadcast crews have to try to dig someone to push on those PAC12 games, this week’s game they were crediting tackles when he was third man in. Once, they even claimed he created another holding call against the tackle on his side if the field, which was true but he had dropped back into coverage!
Much will change between now & spring, I’m aware. But not a believer that 1OA is something to be coveted as much as in other years.


Is he a beast, yes. Is he a freak athlete, yes. But if you watch his film the most impressive attributes he brings to the table are his instincts and field awareness. Screen plays, draw plays, RPOs, he reads all of them as quickly as I have ever seen. He is as close to can’t miss as you are going to get in this draft, IMO. So, yeah, run to the podium with a smile.


Thibodeaux definitely jumps out when you watch him. Limited sample size this season but just watch the tape if you doubt his performance this season, he’s a bona fide #1 and the best player in this draft.

I just want the Lions to take playmakers, offense and defense. Last draft was about the trenches, this one needs to be about playmakers. Thibodeaux would be a good start.


So you get all-22 tape & watch him?

I’m old, so if I use “tape” to describe a recording of games, its out of conditioning from my youth. Guess I’ll be more careful with my choice of words.

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If someone will pay fair market value I would definitely take the picks. I’d take both of the Giants 1st rounder as of now and that’s barely a win on the chart.

Not doubting your ability to watch and replay a televised game. It’s just that some on here have used terminology like “breaking down tape” and refer to “My rankings”
Just kinda humorous that they think of themselves as scouts, or jr. GMs.
And I may be older than you :grinning:

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