2-0-1 After Three Games. I’ll Take It

Two road games too. Yes, I am happy. And the Lions are not playing great football yet. Lots to clean up still. But there are glimpses now of what this team might be.

I LOVE me a win today period. A road win. Yes sir, I am enjoying this one today.

Good teams find different ways to win. Right now our offense isn’t closing out games well BUT our offense is also scoring. The Lions are 12th in yards per game after 3 games. Not bad noting our running game isn’t where we need it to be. The Lions are 15th in points scored. Not bad. The Lions are 10th in passing yards and 12th in QB rating which is amazing considering how bad the OL played V. the Cards (Decker!!!). The Lions are also 8th in TD passes.

On defense the Lions are 12th in total yards allowed and we have faced Wentz and Rivers as well as RB David Johnson. QB rating allwed…7th with an 80.1. That is really good. The Lions are 22nd in rushing yards allowed and that is a surprise.

Point is there is some really good stuff found in stats but we also have a lot of work to do. This team can and will play better run defense. This team needs to run the ball better. We need to see that as we haven’t seen that before. I think this team will run better as the season wears on.

Many people called a poor start tothe season through three games and this team is 2-0-1 and I am very happy wotj that. I see a team on the rise with lots to do to get better. But we are finding ways to win versus finding ways to lose and that makes me smile. Go Lions!


The difference between winning and losing in the NFL is who makes the plays when it matters at the end. Against Arizona we dominated them, but they made the plays when it mattered so they got a tie. The last 2 games we’ve made the plays when it counted.


And for fun. The Lions are #1 in kick return TD, return yards, and 3rd KR average.

I am loving this start as well. We are a long ways from a finished product, but we are far better off than I anticipated. My best case was 2-1. So I love exceeding expectations.

I’m on the verge of gloating, just because Philly fans have zero class, but, that’s on them.
The Eagles are not who we thought they were.
Neither are the Lions!