2 Great Tix for Packers Game if anybody wants to go

I am offering my front row tickets in the Club in Sec 233 for $100 each that have a face value of over $250 each. Include access to the Private Club for short bathroom lines and bar lines and some pretty good food options not available to the general public

I was going to go just because their paid for and we always enjoy a weekend at the MGM Casino with or without the Lions game…and it is my birthday Saturday so we got something to celebrate even though it won’t be the Twofer I was hoping for (Birthday and Division Title LOL)

But if a Lions fan from here wants them I will sell them for $100 each
Sec 233 Row 1 seats 13 & 14 on the 20 Yard Line.

I won’t put them on Stub Hub or NFLTX as I won’t let a Packer fan in my seats. I will use them before I would do that.

I can take Paypal or send you an invoice that you can pay with Mastercard/VISA

Best Deal you will ever get for $100 per ticket for a Lions game

We have dog boarding arrangements for the weekend and can’t cancel after today so they have to go today, Tues 24th or I can’t sell them and we just go ourselves.


Shoot. I just came back from MI. I totally would have gone

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Some other time maybe…I sell a couple games every year due to deer hunting with the family and always sell at my cost. But this one is like 40% of cost LOL

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Great guy to deal with. Jaded and I went to a game a few years back and it was a blast


Yep Jaded is a straight up good guy. He’s been giving den members great deals for years. And every person has raved over the seats and a good time they had.


I didn’t know you lived in Grandville. We lived over that way a few years ago, over by Kenowa Lake.

Grandville? We’re neighbors… I grew up in Hudsonville and live in Wyoming now

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I grew up in Jenison. First house was in Wyoming, the house after that was the one in Grandville, and now I’m out in Allendale. I think Jaded is probably a little over 5 minutes away down Lake Michigan.

I buy and sell guitars from time to time on Craigslist, maybe we’ve done business before.

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Unfortunately I buy them new and the selling part is yet to occur, I think I’ve sold 1 in the last 15 years. That’s a trip, i have cousins that went through Jenison schools, what year did you graduate?

I spent a lot of time in Allendale during my drinking years. Although I was never enrolled at GVSU, I definitely had the college experience :wink:


Ah, the oldest of them graduated in 1998… Still pretty cool to have you guys in the same area

I graduated Godwin Hgts in Wyoming in 1978. Lived on 32nd Street and Buchanan

Live in between Standale and Allendale now

Nice, I’m @ 36th and burlingame, grew up near 28th and Port sheldon in Hudsonville… I drive by your area at least twice a week.

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I got a buddy who lives one street over to the east from Burlingame by 36th, right behind where that school used to be.

I went to Taft Elementary until 6th grade before we moved to Jenison.