2020 Draft Order

Walters has us picking at #4, meaning we would have to be worse this year than we were last year. I check the mocks just to see what players I may want to follow, was surprised to see where they had us.

To be honest, everyone here can make statements like this. So far in the future that anything is possible. Except for the Lions picking @ 32nd, of course…

Man, why you gotta say things like that?

In my pass life, I was Eeyore…

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Looking at their predictions from last year just shows me how much of a crapshoot predicting sports is. They were horrible on most predictions.

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Most of these guys can’t even report on the day to day operations accurately, let alone the future.

Carlos Manerrez…“Patricia has lost the team. He’s making them exercise”.

10 wins. Playoffs.

I will say it now. If Matt Stafford plays all 16 games in 2019, we have zero shot at the #4 pick in the 2020 draft.

Completely agree. 10 wins. Playoffs.

We might even mess around and win the division.

I hope you guys are right. I can’t do it to myself though. You know, actually believe. Worst team in football as far as I’m concerned. I can only be right, or pleasantly surprised.


There’s no disputing that. Year after year, decade after decade. The suctitude is unmatched in the history of the NFL.
Tampa and New Orleans have won Super Bowls.
We’ve never even sniffed it.
I want to believe. I’m dying to believe.
I do like the direction the team seems to be heading. I’m excited about the RB’s.
I expect to lose Slay or Snacks, or both. You can’t set the precedent of letting good players blackmail your team with two years left on their contract.
Sure would be nice if our good players would quit fucking the team over…
But, I’m rambling.

I don’t expect to lose them. I think something will get worked out.

Agreed, at this stage…