2020 Lions = Worst LBers in the League

I like Jamie Collins. I think he is solid. But damn, the rest of the LBers are just bad. I loved the idea of Reggie Ragland but he isn’t good here.

Look at what Quinn did for LBer help in his time here:
Jalen Reeves Maybin (doesn’t get to play defense here)
Paul Worrilow
Jarrad Davis
Christian Jones
Jahlani Tavai
Jamie Collins
Reggie Ragland

Again, I like Jamie Collins but that group is terrible. No impact plays ever. No feel for the game.

I am tired of bad LBer play in Detroit. It is time to replace Tulloch, who replaced Earl Holmes who replaced S. Boyd who replaced Chris Spielman. The rest of the LBers here overall since Millen have been pretty bad. Boss Bailey? Not that good. Ernie Sims? Levy had two good seasons here. Jordon Dizon. Zack Follett. Ronnell Lewis (the Hammer!). Kyle Van Noy had to leave before he got good. Antwione Williams…it is like I never even knew ya’!

I think we can find a way to use Jamie in 2021. Everyone else has to go. Wow.

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Get some young bucks with some athleticism. Deal with the mistakes

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Yep they’re terrible, but so is the Dline. I take the bpa and call it good

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Ingame pic of our LBs today20201220_161316


They’re too close together if you ask me. Should be a gap to easily run through.

Levy was an absolute monster, before he got hurt. Granted, he got to play behind a world class DL, but he was fantastic in that role.

Our LBs are awful, right now.

PS - Bring back Teddy Lehman


I agree, Levy was great until he got the new contract, got hurt, and found his new passion in life was being a spokesman for concussions and not playing football anymore. After that new contract, he was worthless.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.


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It was truly crazy. Dude went from looking like Davis…to pro bowl… to nothing again. Insane.

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Funny thing is: Reeves-Maybin’s strength is pass coverage. But he doesn’t play. Not in nickel or dime. Why?


Stunning how badly this team missed in the 1st and 2nd on linebackers. Remarkable.


The defense is pretty bad. It’s a react not attack defense. When the defense is this bad, the other team can pretty much dictate the pace of the game.

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Agree, what are they afraid of?

Apparently winning. :wink:
Hoping for massive, whole-sale changes.

I was probably the biggest Isaiah Simmons guy on this board. I believe Miami would have given up a 3rd to move up to get their guy (they just didn’t want to give up a 2nd).

My draft would have been Simmons, Swift, Terrell Lewis and then Nevin Gallimore with the extra 3rd we got. LB & rush DE were our 2 biggest needs coming into the draft and they remained our biggest needs after the draft (just like 2019 and the 2021 drafts).

That’s funny. I thought HC and DC were our 2 biggest needs…and still are. LOL
I still think a monster, penetrating, nasty-ass DT changes the look of the entire D. DT, DE, then another DT. Let’s beat them up at the line of scrimmage and worry about the back 7 later.

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Agree. I have never been a fan of passive defenses. Attack the other team.

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I am not without hope as we have Julian Okwawa on the shelf and he has talent. We have Jamie Collins which is better than NOT having Jamie Collins. But after that pretty much nothing. Ragland, Tavai and Jones cannot be counted on in 2021.

Making Collins a strong side player works for me. Making Okwawa a weakside player works for me. But this club needs a great MLBer. We had a good one in Tulloch and before that we have to go back to Earl Holmes, then Boyd then Spielman. It is time to add a talented LBer or three to this roster.