2020 NFL Betting Thread

I will post my picks in this thread. Feel free to contribute your own picks, laugh at mine or discuss any and all betting topics. This weeks lines are sharp, but I believe I have found some value:

Washington Football Team +6 vs Philly- Philly is banged up like usual, and will probably look to tread water until they get healthy. Their offensive line is banged up, and Washington D line is a top unit in the league. I have major concerns if Washington can score… but this is going to be a “kitchen sink” game for Riverboat Ron and Del rio. I believe they will pull out all the stops to win this game. Under is also a good play IMO. 13-10 Eagles win. Football team covers.

Saints -3.5 vs Tampa- Saints are loaded on both sides of the ball, there have been few personel or coaching changes. The Bucs have a new 40+ year old QB, a new TE who was in the WWE last year, and didn’t get a preseason. The game is going to be moving pretty quickly for Brady and the Bucs, on the fast track in New Orleans. I think Tampa will be good, but I fully expect the Saints to “welcome” Tom Brady to the division with a beat down. Peyton Mannings Broncos started 2-3 in his first year, but finished 13-3. I can see a similar start from the Bucs here. I absolutely love this play and am also taking Saints on alternate spreads of -6.5 and -9.5. Bucs will get be able to get their sea legs next game at home against Carolina, and will also get another crack at the Saints later in the season.


I really like the under 39 and a 1/2 in the jets bills game. The jets offense is just terrible

I’m taking the over on fans booing players making political statements prior to the game. Feel quite good about this bet.

My first bet was made early in the week was Tenn in a pick 'em. Made it prior to Von Miller going down. My other two are:

Minny -3
LAR +2.5

First Michigan wagers purchased at Greektown. See how it goes…

Raiders -3 @ Carolina. Think the Raiders are undervalued this season.

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Washington Football Team +6- Win
New Orleans Saints -3.5- Win
New Orleans Saints -6.5- Win
New Orleans Saints -9.5- Win



Split these bitches, see how Tenn does tomorrow.

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Oh, how 'bout 'dem 'Boys!!!

These are 2 really strong picks. Vikes was my #3 bet on the card (I didn’t bet it). 2/3 is a strong week… hopefully you can finish it.

Well after thinking that the Jags would be steam-rolled all season, and I picked Indy in my big money survivor pool.

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Week 2:

Arizona -6.5 vs Washington. I do not care how Washington looked last week. I bet them last week and they did what i expected them to. I expect them to get blown out against the Cards.

2 team 6 point teaser: Arizona and GB.

21 year old Matthew Wolff takes a 2 shot lead into the final round of the US open. Looking to become the youngest major winner since tiger.

2-1 last weekend. Too pissed to even look this weekend.

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Another NFL sweep yesterday. I am taking a punt tonight on Taysom Hill to score a TD at +450 odds. With Michael Thomas out Payton will be digging deep into his bag of tricks.

Staying away from betting this game.

I just don’t feel good this year.

1st time in a decade I haven’t placed a wager this far into the seaaon.