2021 NFL Mock Draft: Bears trade up to capitalize on Justin Fields' fall, Patriots move up for QB


New England ###### PROSPECT RNK

10th ###### POSITION RNK


Trade terms: Patriots receive 2021 No. 7 overall pick in exchange for 2021 No. 15, second-round pick (No. 46) and 2022 first-round pick. I ran this projected trade by a few executives over the weekend asking if the Lions would make this deal with a Patriots team that gave them Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia. They all said yes. Detroit gets its third first-round pick for 2022 when they most certainly won’t be competing in 2021, and New England gets a QB that may surprise them with how quickly he’s ready to take over.

Like the compensation that Lions get there.

And… imagine if that scenario happened… except Vikings tell Bears to “get lost” due to division opponent and wanting to take 1st edge rusher in draft.

The Lions would then be on the clock at #15 with a chance to take Fields… or maybe they get competing offers from WFT and Bears? It would need to be another good offer to trade back with Fields and Devonta still on the board.

I know… I know… I need to put the kool-aid down and back away from the table!!!


I doubt it … in all honestly it just feels unlikely.

Besides does anyone ever feel like they got the better end of a trade with NE?

Just feels like BB doesn’t make that trade. His trades always have value.

I have a feeling that if we do make a trade it’s from a less likely trade partner. Like maybe the Cowboys, or Saints.

This one predicts less compensation for a NE trade up (but is still good)

TRADE: The Detroit Lions trade their 2021 first-round pick (7th overall) to the New England Patriots for their 2021 first-round pick (15th overall), 2021 third-round pick (96th overall), and a 2022 first-round pick.