2021's Way Too Early Draft...Look Who's First

What do you think? I believe it’s possible…


LOL NBC Sports Chicago can suck balls. The Bears have a better chance of finishing last than the Lions.


So do the Packers and Vikings

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Your kool-aid is even stronger than mine! :joy:

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:muscle: :sunglasses:

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Lions fans have so much PTSD, can’t blame us. But c’mon, there has to be an end to our misery in sight. I can’t find many negatives to this offseason, it seems to have been well-executed both in free agency and the draft. Maybe the stern talking to by Martha had the desired effect. Like they’ve sobered up or something.

I do believe what I said about us winning the division, BTW. I get the PTSD, BTW…I just don’t have it.


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They said the Lions traded with Washington to get the number one pick… just saying

Right. Moved up from No. 6 overall.