2022 Salary Cap

I look at our roster and I see holes all over the place with no real super star players at any spot on the roster. You let Golladay and Jones walk. You trade Slay, Stafford, and Tate. Where the heck is all our salary cap room at?

I find it hard to believe we kept the previous regimes salary cap guy. My real question here is that I realize there is dead money from Stafford/Goff trade for 2021, what does our cap room look like in 2022? Does anyone have a site they can direct me to that has this information?

Taylor Decker, Trey Flowers, Romeo Okwara, Jared Goff…those are our big ticket salary guys and then we have a bunch of rookie year, one year deal types. I would expect us to not be in Salary Cap hell in the coming years, right?

Obviously it depends on what the cap is set at, but right now we are looking at 40mil+ if the salary jump back up to around 210mil which is probably on the low side. Plus we can save a lot of money by cutting Jamie Collins, Trey Flowers, and Vatai if they don’t work out this year. Cap will not be an issue in 2022.

Why’s that? Do you think he determines how much we pay players?

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I may be crazy but I think Hock,Ragnow and Swift are damn near superstar type players I know Swift isnt there yet but Frank and TJ are top 3 at there position in the NFL.

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Frank Ragnow is a Super Star in my book, simply because of this tweet he posted a few days ago. He’s a pretty good football player too.


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That is my point, our best players are still on rookie deals…at some point we need to resign these guys in the coming years. There is no reason we are up against it with the cap, when our best players are still on rookie deals.

The simple answer…
Pre-Covid anticipated 2021 salary cap: $210 M
Post Covid actual: $182.5 M

Down 27.5 M from where everyone expected it to be. Where the last several years worth of contracts had been written and formulated anticipating it to be.

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OTC - Over the Cap LINK

The OP has a point that in 2022 we will be handing out a LOT of contracts, as the vast majority of guys are going to have to view 2021 as an audition for a longer term contract. Plus cutting Flowers/Collins and Vaitai gain us $21.5m in cap money.

This is why they want all the draft capital for 2022 IMO, they will have a crapload of slots to fill

Plus the over 40 mil we have this year on dead cap we will have that also in 2022. Right now without cap going up an it will we have 40 plus for contracts without cuts or reworks.

We have more with contracts ending but this is simple way take this years cap an add 40 mil