2023, Cap and FA

It looks like we will have roughly $33M in cap dollars for 2023. We have a draft class to sign as well as our own FA’s.
We should have $$ to sign a stud defender as well as a few depth pieces.
Who you think makes a difference for us and will consider Detroit?
The D players players we have to build on: Hutch, McNeil, Cominsky, Elliott, Rodrigo, Okuduh, Jacobs, Joseph, & Paschal as the starting point. Is there a FA that can help build our D into a top 20 unit?

Do we really have $33 million in cap for 2023?

Using Overthecap.com

We currently have 36 players under contract for 2023. We still have to fill out a roster and that leaves 15 more contracts to count under the 51 roster cap.

Draft class is 8 picks (subject to change). Draft class as of today would cost $10.5 million.

You have 9 ERFA’s for about $7-8 million.

According to overthecap…our “effective cap” in 2023 is currently in the RED!

So as of right now (today)…we are in the negative for free agent money in 2023.

36 players under contract + 8 draft picks ($10 million) + 7 NFL minimum contracts ($800,000?) = 51 players…and put’s us OVER the cap.

Where will the money come from?

Goff = $20.6 in cap savings
Brockers = $10 million
R.Okwara? = $7.5
Vaitai = He just got restructured right?

I don’t think we have as much cap space for 2023 as everyone believes.

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I mean it just looks to me that its almost a certainty that Goff is getting cut or massively restructured down. Brockers won’t be here.

Not sure on Okwara. I think they are giving him a chance to rehab.

I think Vaitai will be here.

If that is the case, and Lord knows I try to stay away from cap debates, we should still have some money to get some guys.

Honestly who knows anymore. Somehow the Saints keep being $100m over the cap but they never seem to have to cut anyone. The lions can just borrow from future caps. Which begs the question of why have a salary cap then? It’s all too complex for me.


its actually been biting the saints in terms of depth

2019 if that No call PI didnt happen they prolly get it tbh

but yeah if you take a look at what happend, they had to cut depth all around, which is why when Jameis took over, and Michael Thomas was out, they lacked receivers in 2021.

Still got fantastic starters, but due to their kicking of the can, they lack significant depth all around

Being that far over the cap though you’d think they have had to blow up the team. You’re not going to cut that much money by just going cheap with your roster depth.

they did alot of contract restructures and cut depth

People say “how does the saints have money?”

they get it from future years, but it has caused an issue where they are now stuck in perpetual mediocrity

and they gave their first to philly, so they can infuse a top 5 to 10 talent unless they give up significant capital to do so

All the more reason I’d have been beyond livid with that missed pass interference call. They win the super bowl that year if they get that call. I firmly believe that.

The Saints are an absolute disaster, they have a bad team and no cap space. Payton knew this, this is why he got out. They lose good players every year.

They are doing the same thing the Packers are doing, but the Packers have a QB and the Saints don’t. They needed to reboot (what the Bears and Falcons are doing this year) when Brees retired.


They couldn’t reset last year bc of their coach. But this year it was really dumb to go all in.


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