2023 Lions review: Future looks bright and flashy at wide receiver

It really all comes down to Jamo.

We know St. Brown is a stud.

Kalif is a role player and gadget guy with speed.

Josh R and DPJ are free agent vets. Decent #3 wr’s

If Jamo takes a big leap… we are laughing. If not… WR room is a bit incomplete.

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Mentioned it in the other thread… I will not be surprised if we do not draft a wr

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I think the lions view it differently. I think they think more in terms of weaponizing every player, as coach Dan calls it.

TEs, RBs (especially Gibby), & even Tackles are considered in the passing game.
Especially Gibby will be an x-factor in the passing game next year, though technically not a WR.


Just a neophytes opnion….

It will be fun to watch the draft this year as it will be a totally different scenario

I just think we are we wesponized enough at WR, Catching RB…. Maybe a TE for depth?

Who really knows

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Totally agree in re how holistically the Lions see the passing game.

And, yes, I think Gibbs is almost as much a key to truly unlocking this passing game and offense as Jamo. And with Gibbs, it’s not only more touches - for sure he’ll get a somewhat bigger slice of the pie next year, including pass catching, but one thing we’ve tended to overlook in our cheerleading for his play: he dropped too many balls.

Gibbs is ‘credited’ with 8 drops along w/52 catches. ARSB had 8 drops w/119 receptions. Gibbs had one of the very worst drop rates among RBs. I also don’t remember any long gainers.

If both Gibbs and Jamo step up their catch rates… WHOA.


Given as superior of an athlete, as Gibby is… I was really surprised that he had the rookie jitters as much as he did

I completely agree with you, that he needs to improve his catch rate… But I also am very very confident that he will

Jamo is an entirely different animal… If he can get an open space, he will outrun people Possibly even more than Gibby does, though not as frequently… Gibby seems to be much more reliable, but I’m super thankful to have both of these guys


if i remember correctly 6 of those drops where in his first 6 games. So no worry here, looks just like rookie getting use to the speed if the game. He had some nice catches the last 5 weeks of the season.


Jamo looks like he’s arrived if you watch this. https://youtu.be/IdcvVNEyqEM?si=5MeHb7KN8vwjbfB1

I’d be surprised. I think they’ll incorporate Gibbs more in the passing game next year. I don’t think they wanted to throw too much at him. I also think jamo is going to have a good season. He really showed up down the stretch and I think Goff trusts him now.

Also - any catch by aRB that gains 3.4 yards or better is good imho …. Just keep moving the chains baby and crunching that clock

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Year 1 → 1 catch
Year 2 → 24 catches
at that rate of progression, 24x your play every year…
…he will have 576 catches next year!!! GTFO of his way, folks!!!


Yep. Nearly 34 catches/game. But his tweets!

576 catches would be decent. But not worth the 12th pick in the draft :joy:

Correct…but 24x it again for his 2025 campaign!!!

Nooow we’re talking GOAT

Man those toads must be strong tonight. :joy:

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He’s the perfect compliment to Gibbs. He can take a hand off to the house, or catch a bomb down the sidelines.
With Amon Ra, LaPorta, Jamo, and Gibbs on the field, our offense is anything, but, predictable.
Heaven help opposing Defenses if they forget about Decker, Sewell, or Skipper.

Great point. Cat definitely got better as the season went on. The fumble in the big game was tough. If I’m remembering correctly, he has 2 fumbles this year & both arguably cost us a game. LOVE him & recognize there are many games we lose without him too…but getting better fro within is likely the biggest area we improve and I think Gibby is part of that.

Also → keep an eye out for how much more of an NFL body/strength/endurance Sordsol and Bro-Mart have next year…especially Bro-Mart

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