2023 Lions review: Newfound depth at linebacker helps fuel defensive growth

Significant room for improvement from Campbell won’t surprise, Barnes made steps but as is pointed out does struggle in coverage.

Barnes and Campbell worked through some growing pains in pass coverage. But it’s worth noting the rookie was moving around roles, trying to find a consistent role in the deep room. Barnes is never going to be known for his coverage chops. But he didn’t allow any touchdowns and made the game-clinching interception in the divisional round – so, more growth.

If Barnes and Campbell can continue to get better while Anzalone holds down the primary role, then that’s how this group takes another step. The pair of young linebackers are different players, no doubt. Barnes is a powerful, versatile option who dabbled at defensive end while at Purdue. And Campbell is an athletic specimen with a potentially game-changing size-speed combo.

Need a speedy linebacker still in my mind. They are good over the middle. But you see it with fast RB and fast QBs breaking around the outside. Either the LBs are biting too early or arnt fast enough to contain. Either way they could improve. BUT the D line and CB is a much higher priority