2023 midterm grades for all 32 NFL teams

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Eagles grade is a joke even if they only have 1 loss

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Dolphins C+?
Lost me, right there.

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Their losses are rather epic.

I agree with B+ for us, Baltimore smoked us, and no way we should have lost to the Hags at home.

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I don’t know how the Patriots grade isn’t an F.

In my view, Lions, with the No. 2 seed in the NFC, deserve an A-.

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Their wins:

  • 4-4 Chargers by 2
  • 2-7 Patriots by 7
  • 3-5 Broncos by 50
  • 2-7 Giants by 15
  • 1-7 Panthers by 21
  • 2-7 Patriots by 14

Their losses:

  • 5-4 Bills by 28
  • 8-1 Eagles by 14
  • 7-2 Chiefs by 7

In the three losses their celebrated offense has put up a total of 44 points, they don’t show up when the going is tough. Their best result is either winning a squeaker against the Chargers in week 1 or Statty Padfording the Broncos. 6-3 is impressive but when you dig into it it’s really not.


As much as i love the dolphins and say tua is severely underrated. Their record is better than they are.

They have yet to beat a playoff team.

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