2023 NFL Franchise Tag Candidates

A few names on this list that have been mentioned as potential targets for the Lions.
Per the article:
Lamar Jackson

Orlando Brown OT
Josh Jacobs RB
Daron Payne DT
Tony Pollard RB

Giants Decisions:
Daniel Jones
S Barkley

On Tag Radar:
E Engram TE
Jesse Bates S
Jamel Dean CB
CJ Gardner Johnson CB
DreMont Jones DL
Jordan Poyer S
Geno Smith QB

Now the question is which tag will they use. The exclusive tag is worth 45 million for a QB. The non-exclusive tag is worth 32 million, and that would allow Jackson to negotiate a contract with another team, if the Ravens don’t match the offer, they’d get two first-round picks.

Didn’t realize that, can see both sides of it, good qb’s in the draft next year as well.

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They get more than two 1st round picks if he is traded. So I’m thinking they just use the regular franchise tag.

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Yea, most likely. It’ll be interesting what they do because Lamar will probably be really good again next year, but for how long is the question? How many more seasons can he play with his unique style of playing QB without getting seriously hurt or slowing down. If the Ravens trade him now they will maximize his trade value. Tough call because I’m sure they also want to win now.


I am curious on what type of offers he may get from other teams, specifically how much is guarranteed, if it gets to that point. He wants a deal like Watson got from Cleveland all guarranteed, no way I go near a deal like that.


I’m really surprised their aren’t rumors that Seattle isnt a top destination. An aging Pete Carroll with two 1st and 2nd round picks this year…have the ammo to get him. And as we all know the NFC is pretty weak. If they could make a deal like

Picks #5, #37, & #51 this year, and their 2024 1st…still allows them to get an impact player at #20 in this years draft. Plus they have 31 million in cap space available with several restructure candidates. Could potentially put together a favorite in the NFC.

That trade doesn’t destroy their future either as it only costs them 1 premium future pick. Idk I’m not a fan of Lamar, but the guy definitely wins games. Seems like the ideal go for it spot for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.

I can also make an argument that tagging Geno and drafting Hooker with a 2nd rounder that they can make an equally contending team without paying/giving up the assets for Lamar. Picks #5, #20, Hooker, and #51 and keeping next years 1st is pretty enticing also imo. This is the route I would prefer obviously. But the nature of the NFL is a star becomes available and your close, go get him.

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I think that’s exactly the type of deal he will be looking for. Be nuts to give it to him though. But, all it takes is 1 team right. Watson got $230,000,000 guaranteed, Murray got $160,000,000 guaranteed. So somewhere in there.

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