2023 NFL Scouting Combine stock up/stock down, Day 2: Oregon's Christian


Witherspoon & Forbes stock down.
S Brown stock up

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Give me Christian Gonzalez with our first pick, we desperately need one good CB.


Gonzo has all the physical tools. He has the tape. He’s definitely in play for Detroit @ #6.


Tell me more about why Christian Gonzalez transferred, that’s always an important piece of information

Both of Colorados CB’s transferred when their DB coach left Colorado for Oregon. The other one was the DB from USC at the combine today. Both wanted to transfer with him but they had room for one scholi wise and picked Gonzales.


And now CO CB problem belongs to Deon Sanders.


If there was a way to add Porter to the roster, I’d be on board with that.

I do enjoy Porters in the fall


He was already my slight preference at #6, but he’s now the unquestioned front runner for me personally. That’s assuming the “big two” defenders are already gone.

Two of Gonzalez, Witherspoon and Porter is my ideal draft atm. The problem is Washington at 16 and Pittsburgh at 17 are likely both in the market for corners. May take a small trade-up to pull it off.


I think all 3 plus Banks are gone by 18

Yeah it might shape up that way. Maybe we trade down from 6 to 8 or 9 then back up to 14 with the Pats? They’re always willing to trade down. Pretty much a wash bean-wise I suspect.

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IF that is the plan then I hope we sign Bradbury to be their mentor next year.

Or any vet really, Bradbury will be on the high side price-wise but I agree a vet influence would be highly beneficial to a young room. It can be like a Rashean Mathis situation though, he was apparently a major influence on Slay but wasn’t a standout signing or anything.

If we can forgive the run defense stuff and if he passes the turd test then Greedy Williams has a ton of upside as a press man corner.

Tons of red flags of course but if we’re doing any prove it deals this year he’s one I like.

Yeah he’s a guy who stood out as a younger player who might have upside still. But like you said, not sure he’s our type of player.

Byron Murphy is another, but I think he’ll probably get too pricey for us.

Right. That’s why I suggested the prove it scenario. A big payday in '24 might motivate him. He was PFF’s number 2 man Cover corner in '21 prior to his injury.

Aaron Glenn was a pretty good NFL CB.

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