2024 Draft Crush Thread

Ruke Orhorhoro in the 2nd,


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Should I add him to the crush list? You staking a claim?


I’ve been mulling that exact thing. We (and Goff) are ■■■■■■ if either OT goes down. Kiran could solve a lot. It’s not my final answer yet though.



Me too

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You can put me in with JJ.
This is the underrated portion of what he has done in spite of not throwing the ball a ton the offense he ran. The offense he ran is why I have always thought he would be the perfect backup to Goff. He knows this offense


Ruke Orhorhoro was dropped to 93 overall ranking from 75 but moved from 3 to 1 in positional rankings by CBS.You can take it with a grain of salt as CBS doesn’t know shit.


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Weird, isn’t it?

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Add me to Will Johnson

Travis Hunter/Jasheen Davis/ Jalon Daniels

For 2025


You are already on there. The first person, in fact.

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Updated List of Draft Crushes:

QB: JJ McCarthy (jman, frm710)
QB: Devin Leary (jman)
RB: Blake Corum (jman, farmerted)
WR: Xavier Legette (Lyonfan1, jman)
WR: Troy Franklin (Tcmouse)
WR: Brenden Rice (Tcmouse, jman, Lyonfan1)
WR: Ja’Lynn Polk (jman, DetroitvsEverybody, Lyonfan1)
WR: Marvin Harrison III (jman, Davicus)
WR: Malik Nabers (Davicus)
WR: Rome Odunze (Davicus)
WR: Jamari Thrash (Davicus)
WR: Hayden Hatten (Davicus)
WR: Brian Thomas Jr. (Thats2)
WR: Malachi Corley (@BBBJCanIBeLionGM)
WR: Roman Wilson (DetroitvsEverybody)
WR: Luke McCaffrey (jman)
TE: Brevynn Spann-Ford (jman)
OT/OG: Kiran Amegadjie (Thats2)
OT/OG: Troy Fautanu (Davicus)
OT/OG: Kingsley Suamataia (Davicus)
OT/OG: Christian Jones (Davicus)
OC: Jackson Powers-Johnson (Lyonfan1, jman, QBHATER90, farmerted, JerseyJungle)
OC: Zach Frazier (@Sofatso, sort of)
OG/OC: Graham Barton (@WestCoastLionsFan, Tcmouse, Lyonfan1)
OG/OC: Dominick Puni (Tcmouse)
OG/OC: Christian Haynes (QBHATER90)
OG/OC: Sedrick Van Pran (@Cashmachine)
OG: Mason McCormick (CuriousHusker, Thats2)
OG: Cooper Beebe (jman, Davicus)
OG: Zak Zinter (jman)
OG: Christian Haynes (Davicus)
OG: Christian Mahogany (Davicus)
OG: Layden Robinson (Davicus)
DT: Byron Murphy (Lyonfan1, Davicus)
DT: T’Vondre Sweat (@LionMane, jman, QBHATER90)
DT: Jer’zhan Newton (jman, Davicus)
DT: Kris Jenkins (jman)
DT: Ruke Orhorhoro (jman, Davicus, Tucker)
DT: DeWayne Carter (Davicus)
DT: Braden Fiske (Davicus)
DT: Khristian Boyd (Davicus, Sofatso)
DT: Mekhi Wingo (Davicus)
DT: Maason Smith (Davicus)
DT: Tyler Davis (Davicus)
DT: Evan Anderson (Davicus)
DT/Edge: Brandon Dorlus (Davicus)
Edge: Xavier Thomas (@DetroitvsEverybody)
Edge: Chop Robinson (Thats2, Cashmachine )
Edge: Darius Robinson (Tcmouse)
Edge: Bralen Trice (Tcmouse, Davicus)
Edge: Mo Kamara (CuriousHusker, jman)
Edge: Jared Verse (Davicus)
Edge: Laiatu Latu (Davicus)
Edge: Austin Booker (Davicus, Cashmachine)
Edge: Brennan Jackson (Davicus)
LB: Kalen DeLoach (CuriousHusker)
LB: Edgerrin Cooper (@BubbaBaker-60)
LB: Junior Colson (jman)
LB: Jeremiah Trotter Jr. (jman)
LB: Tyrice Knight (Thats2)
CB: Nate Wiggins (@Blizer, DetroitvsEverybody, Lyonfan1, Davicus)
CB: Quinyon Mitchell (Thats2, Davicus, Lyonfan1)
CB: Renardo Green (Thats2, BBBJCanIBeLionGM)
CB: Cam Hart (WestCoastLionsFan, Blizer, Davicus)
CB: Mikey Sainristil (@QBHATER90, @najacks)
CB: Max Melton (Tcmouse)
CB: Terrion Arnold (Davicus)
CB: Koolaid McKinstry (Davicus)
CB: Jarvis Brownlee Jr. (Davicus)
CB: Khyree Jackson (Davicus)
CB: Josh Newton (Davicus)
CB: Dwight McGlothern (Davicus)
CB: Kamal Hadden (Davicus)
CB: Jarius Monroe (Sofatso, Thats2)
CB: Qwan’tez Stiggers (Thats2)
CB: Myles Harden (CuriousHusker)
CB: T.J. Tampa (Lyonfan1)
CB/S: Jaylin Simpson (Tcmouse)
CB/S: Cooper DeJean (Davicus)
S: Cole Bishop (Thats2)
S: Tyler Nubin (jman)
S: Javon Bullard (Davicus)
S: Dadrion Taylor-Demerson (Davicus)
S: Trey Taylor (Davicus)
S: Kitan Oladapo (Davicus)
K: Will Reichard (jman)
K: Joshua Karty (Thats2)

2025 Draft Crushes:

QB: Jalon Daniels (DetroitvsEverybody)
DT/NT: Kenneth Grant (najacks)
DT: Mason Graham (najacks)
DT: Deone Walker (Thats2, CuriousHusker)
Edge: Jasheen Davis (DetroitvsEverybody)
CB: Will Johnson (najacks, DetroitvsEverybody)
CB/WR: Travis Hunter (DetroitvsEverybody)
S: Hunter Wohler (BubbaBaker-60)

Also, falling out of love? I do crush-list removals as well. Just drop a name in the comments.

So maybe Monroe will fall a little further than we thought, since he didn’t receive an invite to the combine.

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I forgot Luke Mccaffrey Day 3 as a Taysom Hill weapon

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He’d be more like Randle El. Taysom runs with unreal power.

So would Luke if he had some more weight on him. He’s a taller kid

Randle El is barely taller than Leaf

You can’t just beef guys up and create a runner as strong as Taysom. There are plenty of actual RBs who weigh as much if not more than him who are much easier to bring down. Maybe it works, but if you’re actually hoping for that to come true, I think you’ll be gravely disappointed.

Just leave him at WR. His game is still growing out there, it’s by far his best pro position. We can just let him throw it on trick plays.

Put me down for the man with three last names:
Jackson Powers Johnson

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Not saying he’d ever be as strong as Taysom.

I’m just saying if you beef the kid up a bit, he seems like a great gadget guy that could run the wildcat…throw it hand it run it catch it keep it type dude.

With 20 extra lbs he would run with power.

And probably good on special teams too… that’s not bad for a day 3 guy