2024 Draft Crush Thread

Thinking this one ends up being a long one. Go as many times as you’d like. We’re magic bean polygamists around these parts. Links to some highlights might be a nice touch. If the thread gets wings imbedded video will make it a fun thread for folks catching up on the board’s draft zeitgeist.

My first one -

Kalen DeLoach -

Niche player but it’s a niche that could fill the least talked about void of this defense. He’s an absolute blur on the field. Sure looks like a 4.5 flat kind of guy. He’s tiny 5’11 201lbs at the Shrine Bowl. Maybe he can add 10-15 lbs but I’m not even sure there’s a point. This is a sub package guy through and through. He’s an amazing in coverage, amazing as a spy and amazing as a blitzer. I think he’d be a huge resource on Special teams.

I think many are going to want to move him to safety and I think that’s a mistake. He sees it down near the line. He’s quick triggered with his instincts. He’s crafty getting around blocks. He’s got surprising stopping power and tends to wrap up well enough for teammates to rally when he is giving up 50 lbs tackling a TE.

We’re talking Round 6-UDFA but I think this is a guy who massively over-delivers his first contract even if it’s 8-10 defensive plays and quality Special Teams play. He’s the perfect accent piece for the LB room IMO.

Who you crushing on?


More recent but Xavier Thomas out of Clemson

For those less familiar was probably the most highly regarded 15 or 16 year old defensive player of recent memory. Up there for sure. Injury after injury and was probably maxed out physically very early. Juice for days though.

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For me rn

Its Nate Wiggins currently, senior bowl i will fall in love with more, but hes my big crush rn

Hes all pro level, hes got everything honestly

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That first clip gets me excited he was already by the tackle before the tackle got out of his stance

I think most everyone is familiar but just want to make it a matter of habit to get corresponding highlights up when possible.


lets grab both Clemson guys(Wiggins and Thomas)

Wiggins is very unlikely to make it to us. Xavier is a day 3 Hail Mary at best. We will have opportunities but I doubt any team views him as anything but a flip of a coin into a wishing well.

How big do you think he will be?

I dont mean in the first few rounds for thomas but say at #162 I wouldnt be opposed to it

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Legit, him and Byron Murphy i would trade up for tbh, only players unless someone falls from the top 10

Wiggins, Byron Murphy, JPJ, X Leggett… These are the “please get me at least one of these players bucket.”

J Polk, K Jenkins, Q Mitchell, TJ Tampa, Fautanu, Barton, Arnold, Mahogany, Haynes, Nubin- guys I think we dramatically impact our team in 24’ and beyond

B Rice, Melton, Trice, Ellis, Dorlus, Isaac, Ruke, McKinnley Jackson, Javon Foster, Kingsley, Jarrion Jones, Beebe, D Walker, - these are guys I am really intrigued by, but don’t consider “can’t miss” Sure like to get 1-2 of them

If he can contribute on Special Teams, sure. He’s definitely more naturally talented than your normal 5th rounder.

Still a lot of info to collect before my opinions are fully formed, but I have a few guys who look like they could end up being crushes.

  • Kiran Amegadjie, OT/OG, Yale - Looks like the best combo of power, athleticism and nasty attitude. A poor man’s Sewell. Obviously there are some competition questions, but the way he just flattens guys is impressive on any tape, His hands actually stun them. And he looks as athletic as the WRs and RBs.
  • Chop Robinson, EDGE, Penn State - I have to see his size, but I think he’s got the best combo of juice and motor. He’s listed at 255, if he actually checks in around that number and doesn’t have tiny arms, he’ll check all the boxes for me. I’m concerned he’s not as big as he’s listed though.
  • Mason McCormick, iOL, South Dakota State - Maybe I’m a bit of the prisoner of the moment, but it’s hard not to watch McCormick level up in competition, dominate, and not think about what he could do for us. As a bonus he wouldn’t cost as much, and if we’re drafting a OG only, I prefer not to do so before the 3rd, ideally the latter pick. McCormick should be available after that.
  • Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo - My CB1 so far, just ahead of Arnold. Playmakers always get a bump from me, and imo he’s the best of the bunch. He’s one of the best closers of any CB and just a bully at the catch point. The ball is his. I want to see how he plays at the Senior Bowl, and the reviews are good so far.
  • Cole Bishop, S, Utah - I wouldn’t leave him in single coverage too often but as an instinctive “strong” safety I don’t think there’s a better combo of value and talent. He’s not the fastest guy but to me safety is more about instincts and he’s got those for days.
  • Gabe Hall, iDL, Baylor is fast joining that list. Players who dominate at the Senior Bowl like he is almost always come good.

Right there with you on this one.

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Seems like he’s gone before we pick

He and Hicks of WSU are two safeties with different skil sets than our current group

New to my radar but some big time production in prior years.