2024 Draft


Other surprises (mostly by how high they’re ranked):

Q. Mitchell: 11 (though I have him 8th, so get with the times Dane)
Zach Frazier: 36
Junior Colson: 39
Jaden Hicks: 43
Kneeland: 51
Trice: 56
Blake Fisher: 63
Andru Phillips: 69
Eichenberg: 74
Estime: 87
Jaylen Wright: 89
Stover: 94
McCormick: 96
Pratt: 100

Also, you should really get an Athletic sub. They run those deals all the time that are a year for $1. Money well spent.


He’s always loved Frazier.

I think Wright was the most surprising to me (outside of Legette). I haven’t seen him that high anywhere.

Colson? In today’s NFL? M’kay.

Season 3 Chess GIF by Paramount+

one of the response you got

“Idk man, he keeps going on about the Blood of Numenor being spent and the strength of men failing.”

was hilarious

I know, too bad it was a gb fan

No Wayne Kramer, either…

I wanted to see what he could do. Later rd 330 pounder .

The Draft Network noticed these two snubs among the 5 they highlighted today. They must monitor The Den:


One of my favorite small-school defenders in the 2024 NFL Draft, Northern Iowa defensive lineman Khristian Boyd answered competition-level questions with a standout showing at this year’s East-West Shrine Bowl. The 6-foot-2, 320-pound Boyd was downright dominant at times after compiling career-highs in tackles (43) tackles for loss (6.5), and sacks (3.5) during the season.

Boyd is next up for a Panthers program that has sent various impressive prospects to the NFL draft in recent years, joining a list that includes Trevor Penning, Spencer Brown, and Elerson Smith. The league should have learned by now. Boyd deserved an invite.


Quarterback Michael Pratt, wide receiver Jha’Quan Jackson, and offensive lineman Prince Pines were the three Tulane players to receive invites. I wish versatile defensive back Jarius Monroe joined the list. Not inviting the 6-foot, 204-pound Monroe is an oversight from the league office.

Monroe totaled six interceptions and 22 pass breakups in two seasons at Tulane as a former Nicholls transfer. He even intercepted USC quarterback Caleb Williams in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl. Monroe is a big-game player that will carve out a role for himself at the next level.


I read that article as well, surprised neither got an invite. Both sound like solid late round prospects, although BH hasn’’t really targeted many prospects from small schools save Bromart (credit to @Davicus for pointing this out in his BH tendencies last year).

Who do we thinking runs the fastest 40? Lideatrick Griffin?

Also Sorsdal. So twice in 2023, I think we can probably chalk it up to a small sample size.

I will say he drafted 3 Shrine bowlers last year and I’m pretty sure Bromart wasn’t at the combine. One of them wasn’t anyway. Monroe, Boyd, and Stiggers were all Shrine Bowlers.

I think he’ll be up there, but I found all of this fascinating too:

So maybe Elijah Jones, Gould, Tyler Owens, Worthy as well? And man Guerendo looks to have pretty impressive juice for a guy so big.

Yeah, but how high can they pole vault?

I’ve heard that Owens is supposed to be an absurd athlete. Forget which podcast it was but there was talk that he could push 45 inches on the very.

Worthy’s time was as a Sophomore. He at that point but it on the back burner for football. He’ll certainly be up there (or down there) with the 40.

Prince Pines?

Curb Your Enthusiasm Jewish GIF

Yeah, if he ran that as a sophomore… he might be the favorite to run the fastest time.

That said it’s usually a guy out of nowhere who does it.

I swear just the right technique with your hand while in the blocks is worth 5/100ths.

Yeah it’s the guy who nails all the technique just right. Remember when it was that safety a couple of years back? I think he’s out of the league now, but man he came out of nowhere.