2024 Draft

Usually, a hot topic this time of year. This year, who cares?


I personally have still been thinking about the off-season a lot myself. I’m enjoying the season, but there is a lot of time in between games, and I think this team still has another step to take to cement themselves as true Super Bowl contenders.

That doesn’t mean we can’t make it to the game this year, that just means we may need a few bounces to go our way.

Another year of development for the young guys and a fair amount of cap space and draft picks should be enough for Holmes to push this roster over the top. I really think they need to acquire a Superstar on defense this off-season. Not a rookie who needs to develop, but an instant impact player.

My personal vote is to go all in for Crosby, but I’m not sure if they would even move him, especially with Pierce having a solid shot to get the gig full time.


I’m always thinking of ways to get better. That said….imma just enjoy this years playoff’s just a lil more than in year’s prior :innocent:


Would love to go all in on Crosby if they would move him.

I could also see this as the year Holmes moves up if there is someone who would be a game changer for us


They won’t. The Raiders defense has been on fire. That’s what they’re going to hang their turnaround hat on. As they should.


When you’re picking in the bottom 4 of each round, there’s a long way to go.


I wish people would stop dreaming about Crosby. It’s not going to happen. Not only is he the Raiders best player, but his salary for 2024 is fully guaranteed:

Crosby isn’t going anywhere.

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Chargers will probably unload one or both of Bosa and Mack but both are exceptionally pricey and come with significant reason for caution.

Bryce Huff is the guy I’m watching in FA. Hopefully he gets free.


With the 32nd pick of the 1st round live in Detroit, Michigan…the Detroit Lions select Penei Sewell Jr.

At age 2… Sewell Jr. Is recently potty trained and is taking no prisoners at recent holiday parties.


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Fixing edge, unless Houston doesn’t miss a beat, won’t be easy this offseason. The draft options (where we’ll be picking) aren’t great, and the FA options are usually crazy expensive.

We need to get lucky and find our Hassan Redick/Shaq Barrett. There are always some overlooked edge guys who hit FA and haven’t proved themselves because their situation has been bad, or they’ve been backups behind studs or what have you. Brad needs to find that guy.


I think I’m in minority here but I think there is a risk of overcorreceting here at age. I’m still a big believer in Houston as a DPR. I think Paschal should continue to get better.

If someone like Bryce Huff is available at 13-15m per I’d do that but it sounds like the Jets will lock him down for around that.

But I’m not a proponent of buying high on Hunter for instance. The other high end DE’s excluding Chase Young won’t make it to FA. Chase Young I’d be fine with but I’m pretty sure Brad and Dan won’t be.

Personally I’d fix outside corner which should help the pass rush. Then add some young help and hope for the best.

Personally I don’t see enough certainty with the Edge guys to justify a first. Though perhaps Latu slides bc of injury history or something like that.

I’m still a Mo Kamara guy. He just gets it and his long track record of rushing the passer actually ticks up against power 5 schools. Unfortunately he may just be another DPR type. Not sure if another Houston type helps a ton. :man_shrugging:


Carl Lawson on a one year prove it deal seems like a very Brad like move.


Find me a Boye Mafe, DJ Wonnum, George Karflaitis or some other edge pass rusher with size and speed to be an 8-10 sack guy opposite Hutch.


Good thing we have Brad ■■■■■■■ Holmes doing the drafting!
I had written Iffy and Jamo off.
Nope! The Jedi Master was right.
Those two horrible first round picks? Gibbs is a Superhero and Campbell has been a huge contributor, keeping last years starter off of the field, most of the season.
I have absolute faith in the wise one. It doesn’t matter where we pick.


I would LOVE to bring Lawson in, depending on cost of course. That does feel like a way we could steal excellent edge production… IF we get lucky and he stays healthy.

Oof! That’s the Jedi Masters one weakness.

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I don’t know much about a guy like Dorance Armstrong other than seeing him flash, but he’s the kind of guy who often falls through the cracks. He’s kinda buried behind a loaded line in Dallas, but he tends to produce with his meager opportunities. He’s still young (26) and hitting FA this offseason. Worth a look? I don’t know, but intriguing at least.

I wonder what Epenesa will want? He’s been pretty bad overall but had a few good games earlier this year. Maybe he’s this class’s Redick, the guy who just needs a change of scenery.

Jonathan Greenard has exceeded expectations pretty drastically in Houston, but he’ll probably be expensive and I doubt he makes it out of there anyway.

Chaisson? Bring Uche back home? Darrell Taylor starting to flash?

Wonnum is a FA. Though not sure how the quad year impacts things. I happen to think his pass rush spike is more so due to his pursuit of Flores’ blitz chaos.

FAs that may not get tagged with 2023 sack production:

Hunter (?) - they probably try and tag and trade him. Whoever buys high on him is going to regret it IMO. The proposed contracts won’t age well.

Jonathan Greenard - big risk of buying high. He did have an impactful 2021 as well so it’s not just a one year wonder but buyer beware at the likely price

Madubuike - gonna get 25m per. Doubt we’re in it.

Denico Autry - 33 y/o but a good player with four years straight between 7.5-11.5 sacks. Money should be reasonable

Leonard Floyd - 31 but is probably a better player now than as a youngster. Passed up more money to play in Buffalo so seems to be in ring chasing mode. That may give us a shot.

Clowney - getting paid peanuts this year. Probably going to get back to 10m or close. Likely will wait to sign again. Great run defender typically. Interesting but he’s not a pass rushing wonderkind despite the rep coming out of college.

Wonnum - good run defender. Perhaps the pass rush uptick is sustainable but I’m skeptical

Bryce Huff - one of the league’s best pass rushers in terms of some advanced metrics. Jets supposedly love him

Michael Danna - former Michigan guy. Don’t think he’ll be worth what he’s likely to get paid though

AJ Epenesa - I like him. Coming into his own. But not twitchy at all. Basically a better, younger Romeo type

Andrew Van Ginkle - breakout player at 28. But he’d have to be a Jack overhang type and I think Da Problem’s upside is way higher in that role

Frankie Luvu - same type of player as Van Ginkle though better and with much more power. Probably can hold up fine setting edges. Gonna be pricey I think. Supposed to be an awesome culture guy in that lunatic sort of way.

Dorrace Armstrong - might be my favorite after Huff. Track record of pass rushing goes all the way back to Kansas. Has 14 sacks these last two years in about 45% of the defensive snaps. Albeit in a great ecosystem for rushing the passer.


I was just including him in my post while you posted this. He’s my next favorite after Huff.