2024 Draft

Taylor is an RFA so I didn’t include him.

Should have mentioned Uche but again I’m generally shying away for the overhang LBers bc I still believe Houston has star potential in that role.

Yeah you’re probably right, Uche’s a bit superfluous with Houston around. There’s just a lot more options if we include that overhang edge. Armstrong, Lawson, Huff, those guys are probably our best bets.

Lawson just seems so is. Reputation as being a competent edge holder. We get him on the cheap on a one year.

It’s not my preference but it has Brad Holmes special written all over it.

I do think Mack is likely going to get cut. Can’t see anyone taking on that salary. He’s the type of guy that we’re finally good enough to appeal to. He’s almost certainly going to be in ring chasing mode.


I’m on the flip side. Takes too long for these DT’s to come in to their own so buy the best one you can find. Add some secondary help in the draft along with OL . Great draft for WR’s so you can wait and still find a winner.

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I’m also for addressing corner in the draft Though a 4/5m professional CB3 is interesting. If we do instead go for a Fuller or Adorree Jackson I’ll understand that as well.

IMO if we were stronger at CB the blitzing would be allowing less explosive plays. So by addressing CB we give ourselves two shots on goal to improve pressure. Both with the front four and the effects of better coverage and the positive effects on our blitz packages. If we just go for improve the front four as the primary solution we better not miss.

Also, I think Houston is an elite pass rusher so I’m less worried about it than most on here.

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Yeah agree on Mack, just figure there will be a ton of competition for him. Should certainly be an option.

We need a player who can collapse the pocket and force the QB into our DE’s. We have some really, really good WR’s in our division, esp if the Bears grab Marvin. If our opponents have time to throw it these guys WILL get open, I don’t care who is in our secondary.


Alim is one of those. I’d love to add another. As for the good WR argument I’d suggest that to be a reason to pursue high end CB play no the other way around. :man_shrugging:

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You’re not going to stop this guy or Addison with better coverage because that coverage couldn’t have been any better.

This guy runs great routes and has top end speed and also has some really good WR’s around him.

DJ Moore, same story, different team and the Bears have Mooney too. Make the QB beat you, not the WR because those WR’s will beat you.

I see this as possible/likely too bro.

I also have a ton of faith in Martin.

Love when you guys start talking NCAA guys, because I am clueless and it plants seeds for what to look for closer to draft time.

…I still want the most dominant DT in the league though. LOL.

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I just want a stud 3t. Just like every year…


You can always trust a bald guy bro

lol. Same. For whatever reason your research and input on college guys always influences me pre draft.

Love ya, bro. Hope you and the wife had a great Christmas.


I get what you are saying about JJ but he’s unique. Moore is tough as well. The others :man_shrugging:

I still don’t the logic of, “we are going to play good WRs so let’s not prioritize high end outside CB play.”

Alim is a stud 3T. Another would be nice of course.


Yep, you don’t, and Addison is all that. You don’t get that if the QB’s have time they will in fact find those guys all day long and I don’t care who we have back there. WR’s have the advantage in this league, yes or no? How many actual shut down corners do you think there are in this league? Alim get’s pressure now and then but when you are getting double teamed constantly you simply aren’t going to get that many chances. Your biggest play in FA should be a DT who can get to the QB, period. We can’t wait for a guy to spend a year or two becoming that player, we need him now.


No need to get salty

Disagree. I think he’s a high end number 2WR or low end number 1.

I’m not looking for a shutdown corner. I’m looking for a true number 1 with the length and speed to stay in phase and then be able to to make a play on the ball even when the WR has leverage. IMO that is a big part of our pressure issue. QBs know our CBs can’t make plays on the ball. When being pressured throw the ball away from the defensive backs leverage and move the ball.

Alim was on track for 7 sacks and 17 pressures. That’s pretty close to what SF will end up paying Hargrave 20m for. This new svelte Alim is a very good 3T. That being said I have no issue with adding additional DT help. In fact all for it. I just still believe that outside CB is our most pressing defensive weakness. We just simply do not have NFL level outside CB play. I think by getting a long, fast number 1 and bumping Sutton down to CB2 is a quick fix that will pay immediate sizable dividends.


That’s exactly what he is, that’s exactly what Doubs is in GB and Wicks is not far behind and that’s what Mooney is with the Bears and if they add Harrison we will have the 4th best WR group in our division unless JW makes some major strides.

With re to Alim, he had a huge run over a 3 game period, “Over the last three weeks, the third-year defensive tackle has generated 11 pressures, two sacks, six solo tackles and six run stops.” Honestly that was early and he faded. I don’t think it was him, I think it was how teams played him after that. In fact those numbers were just prior to the TB game and he was suppose to tee off on their lowly ranked center and it simply didn’t happen. He needs legit help next to him if you want to replicate that performance.

AG and Dan have consistently said that they thought the pressure wasn’t far off. That we were often this close :pinching_hand:. And if you look at all the advanced metrics they support the argument. We are getting considerable pressure (3rd in pressure %, 3rd in QB knockdown % and 1st in QB hurry % but only 25th in sacks). We just need to close.

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