2024 Expectations For Our 4 Redshirt Freshmen

Yesterday Brad put us on blast that deferred gratification is an element of his master plan. Most of us are focused on free agency and the draft because that’s new and mysterious, but we’ve got moldable clay in 4 redshirts: BroMart, Steven Gilmore Jr, The Hooker, and The Big Cheese Colby Sorsdal.

What do you see as reasonable expectations for each of them in 2024? I’d think those reasonable expectations have to be a foundational part of the draft and free agency puzzle for Brad.

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@HSVLion doesn’t make the list?

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Big BM - Rotational NT next year. Hopefully 10 to 15 snaps per game.

The Hooker - Turning impressive tricks in preseason but holding the clipboard at a high level all season

Sorsdal - Battling in training camp for a starting spot with someone we draft in round 2 or 3.

Gilmore - Really no clue. Undrafted. Undersized. We did keep him all season though so they must see potential there.


Gilmore got half a game to start and was pulled. Similar story for Sorsdal and Bromart. Can’t wait to see Hooker in the preseason.

These guys wouldn’t have earned their playing time without doing well in practice, but they clearly needed more experience. My guess is one of them pans out as an eventual starter. One as a rotational piece, and one doesn’t make the team. I couldn’t tell you which is which, but this would be a pretty good outcome.


What about Green?

My take is:

Hooker - they probably have very little idea

Sorsdal and Martin - probably see more reps abs frustrate us with negative emotions as they aren’t quite ready and make the jump on year 3.

Gilmore and Green - I think there still in the flyers camp. Gonna have a fight to make the roster IMO.

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Not sure what is reasonable. Brad’s presser has me pretty amped up and the 2023 re-draft has only fanned the flame.

The biggest question for me going into 2024 is Campbell. I believe he’s reasonably capable of becoming the face of the defense as much as Hutch is.

ETA: By the way, sorry to derail a “redshirt” thread. :slight_smile: Martin, Sorsdal and even Gilmore each have a major opportunity in front of them. Reasonable? I’m not ready to call any of them starters, but Martin absolutely needs to be in the rotation. Highest pick, but more than that, the position he plays is a rotational one where every DL worth having is getting snaps.


Yes great point on Jack. We need a huge jump from him. Flashed at times. Got a ton of reps and experience. Now we need a jump in performance. 1st rounders should be impact players.

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I think 50 percent of them are not

True… but not for the villain


Gilmore will be given alot of slack, until his brother signs elsewhere.

I guess I wrote him off. You know that Brad posting under an alias will call me on that after Green blossoms like spring leaves next season.

They had to burn my redshirt. I’m too good to sit.

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If it burns then you did Freshman year right!


Actually Brad said to look at year 3 players.


I believe the common understanding is that you don’t judge a draft class until the end of year three, not the beginning of year three.


I think sorsdal is going to take a huge jump. He has ability. He needs a year to get stronger. The experience he got was invaluable.


so many ways to go with that. lol


I think so too. The emergency snaps he got this year will help his growth so much going into year 2, IMO. With Gilmore, it’s all about strength, I’d think. His recognition and response skills seemed plenty good to my untrained eye.


Kid played RT, RG and LG all as a rookie.

Talented vets would struggle doing that. It’s so difficult to do.

Hit the weight room…lay off the late night fast food and give the kid a true position to focus on in the offseason.

Could surprise us all next year.

I see a guard. Heck he looks like a guard. :laughing:

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Exactly. He just needs to reshape his body like McNeil did.