2024 Final Mock - Lions Trade up

3 Trades
A) LAC fleece Kwesi for 11,23 + More
B) Brad picks Bama speed freak at #12 again (give up #61+ 2025 pick swap)
C) Raiders come up for Penix

  1. Chicago Bears - - QB Caleb Williams
  2. Washington Commies - QB Jayden Daniels
  3. New England Patriots - QB JJ McCarthy
  4. Arizona Cardinals – WR Marvin Harrison Jr
  5. Minnesota Vikings - -QB Drake Maye

6) New York Giants - - WR Malik Nabers
7) Tennessee Titans - - OT Joe Alt
8) Atlanta Falcons - - Edge Dallas Turner
9) Chicago Bears - - DE Laiatu Latu
10) New York Jets - - OT Taliese Fuaga
11) LA CHARGERS – WR Rome Odunze
12) Detroit Lions - - CB Terrion Arnold
13) Las Vegas Raiders - CB Quinyon Mitchell
14) New Orleans Saints - OT JC Latham
15) Indianapolis Colts - - WR Xavier Worthy
16) Seattle Seahawks - - DB Cooper Dejean
17) Jacksonville Jaguars- DT Byron Murphy
18) Cincinnati Bengals - - TE Brock Bowers
19) Los Angeles Rams - - OT Olu Fashanu
20) Pittsburgh Steelers- - OL Graham Barton
21) Miami Dolphins - - DT Jerzahn Newton
22) Philadelphia Eagles - - OL Jackson Powers-Johnson
23) LA Chargers- - OL Troy Fautanu
24) Dallas Cowboys - - OT Tyler Guyton
25) Green Bay Packers - MLB Junior Colson
26) - Las Vegas Raiders - QB Michael Penix
27) Arizona Cardinals - - CB Kool Aid McKinstry
28) Buffalo Bills - - WR Brian Thomas

29- Denver Broncos QB Bo Nix
30) Baltimore Ravens - - OT Amarius Mims
31) SF 49ers --.-- Edge Chop Robinson
32) KC Chiefs - - OT Jordan Morgan


That is actually one of the better mocks that I have seen. The Chargers win this day. I;m assuming they also got the Vikkngs 1st next year.


Thank you sir

You say we trade up for a speed freak…

T Arnold is in no way, shape, or form, a speed freak… he is sticky in man but ran a 4.5 40. That is considered on the slow side for cb play…


I knew as soon as I typed that it would be the main nitpick from someone. But left it just to make the point of field vs underwear Olympics

He’s no Jamo or Gibbs but he plays like a 4.4 guy

And his acceleration and short speed on the field sure look elite


but gained some experience in the slot in 2023. He has great long speed, recovery speed, acceleration and agility. - PFF

Arnold’s Scouting Report


  • Prototypically built CB with a low center of gravity and exceptional proportional length.
  • High-voltage short-area athlete with absurd foot speed, twitch, and change of direction.
  • Brings hyper-elite explosiveness out of breaks and can extinguish vertical separation.
  • Endlessly fluid CB with uncommon redirection freedom, swivel, and hinge flexibility.
  • Can use short-area twitch, corrective foot speed, and fluidity to shadow WRs to stems.
  • Has the long-strider recovery speed and range to close gaps and undercut deep passes.
  • Patient and disciplined press-man CB who uses feet first, matching with violent motions.
  • Can use successive jams to gather and carry, weaponizing length with precise strikes.
  • Plays with incredible sense and instincts in man, mirroring with lightning-quick reaction.
  • Has instant reaction to stimulus overtop route breaks, sequencing his motions in a blink.
  • Can use brisk shuffle-steps to maintain hip leverage while staying low in his stance.
  • Turnover generator with excellent ball skills, timing, and catch-point authority.
  • With his short-area energy and physicality, can play on the boundary or in the slot.
  • Energetic support DB who attacks downhill with keen eyes, relentlessness, and angle IQ.
  • Aggressively sets the edge and executes crack-and-replace plays with absolute voracity.


  • Long speed, while exceptional, might be a notch below the elite mark.

From PFN

What’s the 2025 pick swap in this scenario? I think it would have to be one hell of a difference to get up that far.

I’m having Okudah justification flashbacks…


I believe @Jman was referring to his recent problem w Ritalin. I speak from experience as I once qualified for the same moniker and never ran a sub 4.8 40.


Nice mock, love the trade up. I slightly disagree on which CB we would take but my Dejean crush is well documented at this point. Well done!

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Hopefully we give them our 2025 2nd and we get back their 2025 4th. If they suck it might only be a 40 pick swing.

#12 value 347
#29+#61 value 288

Wouldn’t have to be as drastic as you are making it out to be

I got a problem with Ritalin’s cousin, Adderall.
The real speed demon

Thank you sir.

Dejean is a big time favorite of mine as well, but I think Brad will go back to the Bama well here.

Getting THE top pick at CB.

Supposedly he wanted THE top CB last year, Spoon.

Would love to walk away with Arnold & Green as the future starting duo for Lions for 10 years

That’s about 40 points on the chart (with the following year penalty), which I guess might get it close enough that they might do it. Would actually be much closer if we give them our 1st and get back their 2nd, which as you say could be really close together (of course they probably know that and will likely ask for more).

They will be forced to take what we give them rather than just take Bo Nix @12


Ha, I don’t think they would. They got needs everywhere.

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I agree…. and I think the lack of arm strength is going to cause Nix to fall farther than many mock drafts have him.

For every Brees or Purdy comp I see….
I have to think some teams may think Mac Jones instead.

Ironically enough


Yeah I just saw that too. Broncos will probably prefer that one since they don’t have to move down as far.

I would think if we go with a Bama CB early like that, or stand pat, would mean good intel by our own Bama players. Especially Branch, who already seems like a leader, and a guy the staff feel comfortable getting player evals from.

A lot of bs smoke out there, it’s ramping up big time.
Profootballrumors.com has a ton of rumored moves by various teams. Denver moving down, Denver moving up…