2024 NFL combine: Lions looking to re-invest in powerful offensive line

IOL Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon: If the Lions are determined to get an interior lineman of the future, Powers-Johnson would be an outstanding fit. Listed at 6-foot-3 and 320 pounds, Powers-Johnson allowed just two pressures at right guard in 2022, then moved to center this past season and immediately won the Rimington Trophy as the nation’s best offensive lineman. The last Lions draft pick to win that award at Oregon – Penei Sewell – has turned out pretty all right. Powers-Johnson isn’t the same kind of elite prospect, but he’s regarded as the best interior lineman in the draft, and his versatility makes him a perfect fit for the Lions. Powers-Johnson could begin his career at guard while developing into a long-term insurance option for Ragnow at center.

T Kingsley Suamataia, BYU: Offensive linemen don’t typically light up the combine. This one might. At 6-foot-6 and 325 pounds, Suamataia has been clocked at more than 20 mph according to Bruce Feldman’s annual freaks list. “Kingsley Suamataia is the most athletic and violent OL I’ve ever coached,” an assistant told Feldman. “More athletic than Garett Bolles when I was at Utah. More athletic than Blake Freeland.” For the record, Bolles was a first-round pick and has started all 82 games he’s played in the NFL, while the 6-8, 302-pound Freeland lit up last year’s combine by running a 4.98 40, vertical-jumping 37 inches (a combine record for offensive tackles) and broad-jumping 10-0 (which was 1 inch off the combine record). Suamataia allowed two sacks while playing left and right tackle the last two seasons. If he really is that athletic, he could push his way into the back end of Round 1.

G Zak Zinter, Michigan: For better or worse, Brad Holmes has shown he’s not risk-averse in the draft, taking guys like Jameson Williams and Levi Onwuzurike despite documented injury issues. Could Zinter enter into that kind of conversation as well? He was a first-team All-Big Ten guard the last two seasons at Michigan, a consensus All-American this past season, and might have been a first-round prospect had he not broken his leg in the regular-season finale against Ohio State. In addition to all that, he was a respected team leader and captain, and what he meant to that Wolverines team – which went on to win a national championship – was obvious after he went down against the Buckeyes. Zinter seems like a gritty culture fit for Dan Campbell, and as a first-round talent who should be available on Day 2, could be a vintage high-value pick for Brad Holmes.

G Christian Mahogany, Boston College: Started only two seasons because of an ACL injury that wiped out his 2022 campaign, but has experience at both guard positions and could make the move to center too. He also played his best ball after the ACL tear, allowing no sacks and seven total pressures on 858 snaps last season. What makes him an intriguing Lions fit is the motor and physicality. This guy just likes to hit hard . If you’re looking for all-grit candidates, this will be one to watch next week. Athleticism is an issue though, and the combine will be a big week as he tries to force his way into the Day 2 conversation.


Yes to all. Always in favor of building elite trenches


Couple will be long gone but I would like any one of them to are OL an there are couple others we could add if the four are gone. We need to be careful if we resign are two OGs to have a couple OTs as backups One like who can play both an one swing OT. OTs last season were like gold an we were lucky to keep ares playing most every game. Need quality swing .
If we resign just GG then find Jacksons replacement. Colby Sorsdal could become a swing OT/OG if they think he can handle it all. He should show a lot of improvement. He can develop in swing OG if they want higher quality swing OT. I think key is OL are depth will be good once draft is done.

Holmes almost said as much need to keep O together.


@coyote12 what do you think about Cooper Beebe round 2/3 for LG if we lose Jonah

I am torn between Johnson an the OT. I would take the OT to develop as swing OT first year.

Quality OTs are hard to find an I think he will become one . If he is there I would be happy with the pick. Some positions are hard to hit on an if Lions like him its the best pick at 29.

I like him not at 29 but we could also sign a UFA OG even if Jackson is gone. But I think if Jackson is gone an he is there rd2 when we pick I wouldn’t mind.

I just feel if they have there starting OL even if they have to add a UFA OG they can go many ways on O an that OT would be a fit then D in rd 2 an first pick rd 3 maybe second pick rd 3 could be a OG by then your adding depth.

It’s crazy…but someone like Trent Brown contract just voided. I believe he’s played LT & RT at a high level in his career.

His last contract was 2 year 11 million. I mean we paid Charles Harris +Big V more than that to do nothing last year.

Why not just sign him if we can convince him to collect money & be a backup.

I agree but that doesn’t mean you don’t take a young OT who will be future But yes 5 mil one year back up OT works improves depth. He might like that extend his NFL career an play for a team that is trying to win it all. The number is just a guess but its a start maybe two year deal like he got last 2 years. I am not sure how he played He missed 6 games last season 3 from injury an 3 a healthy scratch. The 3 healthy shows he was not a starter abut his deals from now on mmeans backup swing.

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Zinter on day 3 wouldnt be bad. Not sure he has the mean streak we should be seeking. He also lumbers around the field.

JPJ or Mahogony are mean streak guys. Like them

Mason McCormick as the IOL please

I was just about to mention him Curious. He looks like he would a good fit for our Lions as the LG/OC.

Zinter doesnt make it to day 3 in any Mocks ive seen. JPJ will be a top 20 pick so we wont have a shot at him. I do like Mahogany in the 3rd.

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The biggest issue I’m seeing is that we’re most likely to have a need at LG. The typical ideal skillset would require some movement chops and the instincts and ability to locate and execute run blocks in space.

It’s a pretty good OL class and great at Tackle but I would argue that the style of player that we’d be targeting to replace Jonah is the style of player in shortest supply this offseason. Both in FA and in the draft the overwhelming majority of guys are much better on the right.

Both Fautanu and Barton would be ideal for LG but they are costly. That’s why I’m such a big proponent of McCormick.

He slides right in at LG. There is obviously a big jump in level of play so I’d prefer we add a placeholder like David Edwards in FA. But Mason has over 40 starts and looks plenty refined so I think he’d have a good shot to win the job outright.

I also think he’s got the size and skillset to be an ideal Frank replacement in time. We could continue using our Center in the same way given his size and talent in space.

The fit is so good and the upside so high that I’m fine allocating a 3rd rounder to him even though I barely even knew the name one month ago.

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Puni would work well at LG too and probably could be based around there. Leipold’s scheme requires lineman to execute in space.

Fautanu is my guy!!!

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I think Haynes could probably pull it off, though like Nourzad he’s been in college since 2018 so he’s probably old af.

A couple of the OT converts (besides Puni) might work there too. Morgan if he can play G (I’m coming around to it). Goncalves, Foster.

And Javion Cohen, like McCormick, played there most of his career and has everything we want imo.

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He’d be absolutely awesome at it. Like top 3-5 LG from day 1. I know that sounds hyperbolic but I really do believe it.

And I know that some have suggested he could make an awesome Center in time but if he takes flight at LG I’d just leave him there.

But we make an already over asset allocated OL and double down. Some may hate that, some may like that.

One nice thing about Fautanu is that if Decker or Penei :grimacing: were to miss multiple games I’m confident Troy could have it out there for a third of a season or whatever.

I don’t hate the solution. I do have minor misgivings but it would be an easy one to get in line with.

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That’s still a pretty light group when you compare it to say outside OT or even phone booth ass kickers.

Haynes would be fine but I think he goes before our second.

Cohen would be fine in round 3. I’d be okay with Beebe in round 3. I don’t think either of those look like as much of a chess piece in space as McCormick could develop into.

And I know you have concerns with Beebe in space to begin with. I think he’s okay for a 335lber. But he’d curtail our LGs getting walked back into Jared’s lap on occasion so there is a tradeoff at least.

Suamataia…anybody got opinions on him? I’m a sucker for traits but is he good at playing football?