2024 NFL draft: Updated 2-round mock draft after Week 3

The most notable thing about this mock draft is that it has the Lions picking 25th overall–implying that the Lions have won the NFC North.

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The very 1st pick was wrong. CHI won’t take Harrison. They just won’t. If they don’t take Caleb Williams, the entire staff should be fired.


Newton, Kris Jenkins, Maason Smith, Leonard Taylor

DT Draft shaping up NIIICE

No Cooper Beebe in Top 2 rounds???

JJ QB Round 2 … Zach Zinter later
That works for me

They have GB taking not one, not two but three Michigan players in the 1st 2 rounds.

Mekhi Wingo. What do our draft experts think? Can he be the missing piece on the D-line?

Denzel Burke not being on there is an absolute crime. I could make a case he’s been our best player through 4 weeks. I would take him at 25 easily.

I was thinking Mike Hall would be a good fit for us, and then I remembered when I was watching him get pushed around all night on Saturday that he’s listed at 280 pounds, meaning he’s probably around 265-270. We don’t need another guy who’s going to get pushed around like that.

I like Brad’s ability to find DBs on the cheap elsewhere. And he tends to make up for where he hasn’t been great previously, and he does a good job of that.

So I think he targets a DT early and won’t be afraid to move up to get him. Don’t see him sitting there at 25 and taking a corner, although one could argue that would be a do-over for not snagging Gonzalez.

I think he may decide to silence the noise on Carter and find the best DT for his defense in round one, even if he has to move up.

Going to call this the Holmes Mulligan pick. Last year it was Hooker, after not solidifying his QB2 in previous years.

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More like Curt Poopjoy. Sh!tty mock draft.

Knowing nothing about him, I want Dontay Corleone just for the godfather references.


Xavier Legette and Jordan Burch not being anywhere in the first two rounds is going to look silly. Mims is much more likely to go at 9 than 29. Penix at #3OA? No Kingsley Suamataia? Ladd McCocksey and Juice Wells going above Xavier Legette, Troy Franklin and others? Just a whole lotta WTF.

Imagine doing a mock draft last year and saying
Jalen Carter 12
Brian Branch 45
Will Levis 35

It was so far off from the “experts” all year long

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That is a good point. Plus as @wesleysh21 used to point out this is the mock draft season where experts are trying to plant hot take flags rather than be accurate. You get credit for an out there take that ended up being prophetic but there is no downside to horrible early takes.


Corum in the 2nd is way too high. He’s not an every down back at the pro level. He needs so meat on them bones.

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Maybe he will go #12 then

Hot take mock pick Blake Corum #12 overall after Chicago trades down

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Maybe. I love Corum so I’ve got a blind spot. I’d much rather have Blake Corum than Trey Benson. Benson at 37 is silly IMO.

Nope. That’s our trade up slot. Williams and Gibbs. We don’t need a RB.

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Which Alabama playmaker is it gonna be this year?

@CuriousHusker @Tucker
Blake Corum reminds me of Ray Rice

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I think that’s the prevailing comp. Similar body type and right cross… wait no, just a similar body type.

According to that mock, Alabama is lacking in draft talent.

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Yep. Defense and offensive line have some dudes but they’ve been really reliant on the transfer market for weapons recently and they whiffed this year.

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