2024 practice squad rules

Can we still keep selected players from being poached

Im not sure but i expect a lot more cuts not to make it past wavers this time around


No, that was just during Covid. PS players are free to sign with any team. It’s up to the player, but if you are a player with no accrued seasons, it’s hard to turn down $44K per week on an active roster vs $12.5K per week on the PS.

12.5 M for PS?
You mean thousand, right?

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Cool beans and thank you

I wonder if homes is trying to tell some of these guy who will end up in the PS if they can stick it out a year, they will be first in line for the team roster if they improve enough ….

Hopefully son, we can hold into a few without worry that they could be pouched and this start your own Jc tram

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