2024 Pro Bowl Voting Leaders

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Kerby defiitely does not deserve to be the NFC’s top vote getter. I love his upside, but he is in a slump right now and honestly hasn’t played nearly as well as I had hoped going into the year when he wasn’t in a slump.


I must confess, I didn’t scroll down that far. Surprising, but a lot of people watched him pick off Aaron Rodgers last season and that sort of good will seems to carry over in terms of a player’s reputation.

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A more Lions focused article:


Wow shocked by that. Clearly the voters haven’t been watching games


Kerby has been dog shit

Only lions that should be are
St brown

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He is good looking ill give you that

when he repeatedly kicks teh ball over opposing return man heads, I’m like “don’t they watch film?” They should know to line up deeper when Fox is punting.

Sorry Natty, Fox doesn’t make the top 10 in any punting category

Clearly penis size is not being calculated any more :joy::joy::joy:

if you’re a pff guy… go vote based on that.
The better your Offense shows out, the worse your punting numbers should be.

Not Foxy’s fault we have a top five offense.

Kerby isn’t listed in this article from MLive

I was looking at Gross and Net punting and then how many inside the 20
For NFC punters he is around 7 or 8 in each catergory

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feels like this year, the’ve been going for no return yardage…Our ST units are on them before they even catch the ball, usually. I feel like they don’t really have him “aim for the corner” for some reason…but he’s crushing it. Under-utilized in other capacities, for sure.

I think I would agree with that. Wish I could see hang time for each punter because I think that would show this to be true. Another words Gross is OK but Net is way more important and I think a lot of time he is punting from the 40-50 so he isn’t booming them like he can.

But this won’t show up unless fans are really watching which they won’t

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Definitely a factor. If your offense sucks and is always backed up the punter usually has a big average per punt

Yup - Fox has ridiculous hang time

Season 3 Nbc GIF by The Office

Don’t know where football rumors got their information from, but some of it matches what has been reported elsewhere.

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