2024 Tigers Minor Leagues

IMO, the best Tigers message board out there, for decades, has been MotownTigers if you want to check it out. I don’t frequent as much the last 10 or so years, so I don’t know how active the site is anymore, but they have some incredibly knowledgeable posters. I was posting with a lot of them on the old ESPN message boards in the late 90s/early 00. Sadly, one of the best posters was a victim of the Virginia Tech mass shooting.

I’ve been there numerous times over the last 10-20yrs and a board I just never really cared for. It’s a small group and somewhat cliquish
Brian Bluhm is the victim you are referencing and was a fantastic person and poster, Granderson honored him on the five year anniversary.
And I don’t typically advertise for other boards here.

I know Nate is trying to drive web visits and grow the site, so, with so many Detroit fans here already I requested the MLB forum. Which he is working on.

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For those in Grand Rapids area, the WhiteCaps roster is out.



Sunday April 7, free game featuring Jobe’s start.

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET – Erie (DET) @ Harrisburg (WSH)
One of the most talked-about pitchers in the Minors is Detroit’s Jackson Jobe, who touched 102 mph in his spring debut and will be following up his breakout 2023 campaign in his regular-season debut Sunday. MLB’s No. 25 overall prospect is one of four recent top-15 picks competing in this game, as Harrisburg’s Dylan Crews (2nd overall, 2023), Brady House (11th overall, 2021) and Robert Hassell III (8th overall, 2020) headline the Senators lineup. Also keep an eye on slugger Yohandy Morales (WSH No. 5), the Nats’ second pick in the '23 Draft.

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Will be done by Friday.

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Where did the Tigers get this Madris player from? He just had an RBI double for the MudHens but I’m not aware of him. Trade/FA pickup?


I am a diehard Cardinal fan from Erie Pa, and I absolutely know George Hendrick. Silent George drove in runs for a team full of speedsters.

We are the home of the Erie Seawolves who open this coming Tuesday. The Tigers have sent some great prospects through here. Who should I be looking at this year?

At one time Verlander was here but not for long. That team with Verlander had 3 guys that could throw 100. It was Verlander, Zumaya and another guy that made the Tigers. That was pretty awesome.

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Jackson Jobe, starting pitcher for the Seawolves and considered one of the top prospects in all of baseball. He is starting for the Seawolves this Sunday and I would defininitely go see him pitch soon as he won’t be in Erie long. There is in interview with him up above, around post 20. #3 in Tigers system #25in MLB top 100 prospect lists and top five for pitching.

Ty Madden another one who could see Detroit later this year, albeit as a starter or reliever is tbd.

Troy Melton, SP
Hao-yu Lee, Inf (acquired from Phillies in the deadline deal Michael L last July).
Chris Myers Inf


Couple of top 50 lists for Detroit and you could see some good ones in Erie later this year if they do well in Lakeland and W Mi.

The first one below has a write up for the top guys

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Between Olson Mize Manning Scooby Jobe, Madden, and mayyybe Wilmer Flores…plus what could be with a good season a mid term deal w Flaherty who is still only age 28 season this year…

The long term rotation looks solid and cheapish.

Go get that bat, Harris!


A reminder this is the free game of the day on MLB.tv or Milb.tv. Jackson Jobe is starting


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I see more and more speculation that Jobe will get called up this year.

What’s your thoughts on that?

September unless he forces the issue.
He has to be on some type of innings limit as well.

Around the Tigers’ farm: Hao-Yu Lee’s budding bat, glove making sense in Lorenzen trade

Nice piece on;
Lee, 2nd baseman in Erie
Keider Montero SP in Toledo
Chris Meyers 1B Erie
McGonigle Lakeland
Campbell 1B Lakeland

And this section on SP:

Sorting out those arms

It was a grin-and-grimace exercise for Garko and his development team: figuring out how to allocate all those arms at Toledo and Erie when so many of them probably belonged at Triple A, if not in Detroit.

It finally was decided that Montero, Matt Manning, Beau Brieske, Drew Anderson, Mason Englert, Wilmer Flores, and Brant Hurter (among others) would begin the year at Triple A, with Erie’s cast including Ty Madden, Lael Lockhart, and Jackson Jobe, all as an eventual return trip to Toledo or Erie is in progress for rehabbing starter Sawyer Gipson-Long.

That’s lot of high-profile arms for a fixed set of slots.

“You can never have enough pitching,” Garko said. “But where you start on Opening Day is only one point on the calendar.

“I think there were a lot of interesting calls. Some guys had to go back to the level they finished last year (Madden returning to Erie, as one heavy example) when they probably were ready for the next level.

“But depth in pitching is something every organization really cherishes. At Double A and Triple A, there are a lot of live arms and guys with really good stuff.

“There are some really good arms ready if called upon.”

One more for those in the Erie area on SP Lockhart acquired from the Dodgers last season.
Small blurb on T Madden as well at the Link.

Lael Lockhart’s rotation reunion a move Tigers are savoring
Friday night, amid some winter-grade chill at FNB Field in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Lockhart pitched an opening-game jewel for Double-A Erie: 4.1 innings, three hits, zero runs, two walks — and nine strikeouts, all from a 26-year-old, left-handed starter who Friday tossed 68 pitches, 48 of them on-target.

“He’s a pure pitcher,” Gabe Alvarez, Erie’s manager, said Sunday as he and the SeaWolves (2-0 following Saturday’s follow-up victory) headed into a series finale at Harrisburg.