2024 Tigers Minor Leagues

Triple A opens today at 4pm with Manning on the mound, will be available on the MLB.tv for those who subscribe. For those not aware the MiLB games are included in the subscription.

Max Clark:


I mean major league baseball is back… which is great but minor league baseball @frm710

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I go back decades in following the minors and have met numerous players, future MLB and not.
I love the minor league games, it’s cheap and you see the players playing the game before they get all jaded at the business side of baseball. I have met numerous scouts and minor league writers over the years.

Watching the progression as they go up the ladder is fun, and, my office is 1mi from the Lakeland Tiger complex and home of the Flying Tigers…long history on that one. I’ve been to the Blue Jays Dunedin stadium several times as well.
A few of us used to post frequently on the Tigstown board before it disbanded and hoping to see a MLB section start here soon. Game day threads for Tigers etc. But on the MLB portion of the site.


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Haha I was just messing with you. I follow the Jays minor league teams some too. Especially the top prospects.

Cedar Rapids used to be affiliated with the Angels, I saw Trout come through. We are with the Twins and have been for some time, single A Kernels. Saw the Mud Hens play vs the Iowa Cubs in Des Moines last year and plan on returning to see them again this season. When I grew up in Des Moines over just a two year period I saw Vida Blue, George Hendricks, Joe Rudi, Sal Bando, Gene Tenace, Tony Larussa, Rene and Marcel Lachemann, and Blue Moon Odom play for the Iowa Oaks, we were the A’s triple A team then.

George Hendrick was a damn good ballplayer. Not many know who he is, but dude could play.

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He was in and out of Des Moines for 2 years, I never understood why.

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Toledo wins behind Manning’s strong effort, belated but here was the starting lineup. Rivaled some prior Tiger lineups, sadly.



One of the reasons Manning was sent down; gave up too many HR’s.

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4 legit young hitters between Keith, Jung, JHM and Bigbie…and not one of em can play SS.


This club hasnt developed a SS since Fryman ffs.

Ryan Kreidler is the best SS in the minors right now, but, the bat remains a question, slick fielder.
The rest of the options are Eddy’s Leonard, not sure about his fielding but good bat, other options are below AA.

If nothing else you’ve identified what they will be trading for once they rip off the Baez bandaid and eat that contract. Guessing it happens, one or more of those arms, after this season unless Baez does a 180, yea not happening.

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Was Fryman a better SS or 3rd baseman?

I thought he was a better 3b, defensively. He wasnt very fluid for SS. Not everyone like that can be Cal Ripken Jr. He was moved off SS by age 26. Career 6.2 dWAR is a good fielder. 5x All Star one GG at 3rd, one Sikver Slugger…

8 Tigers seasons of 275/335/445 w 20 bombs and 85 rbi is a pretty nice player.

Thats it for 1995-2024. Blergh.

Kriedler is AAAA.

I wanted to see some kind of Noelvi Marte trade for pitching…buuuut, thats all done (PED suspension for Marte).

So many good shortstops to where O’Neill Cruz and Elly de la Cruz are ranked 15 and 14, respectively and guys like Boegarts and Semien are 2b now.

Really screwed the pooch with Baez when Story Semien Correa and Seager were in the same FA class and guys like Turner and Lindor were being traded. Awful.

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Related to Stormy Daniels?

There’s a turning the double play joke in there…

Senior citizen co-ed cross gender softball starts tomorrow. I was going to start a topic but now have second thoughts.

If anyone is interested its on espn 13.

Must see TV… :joy::joy::joy:

Q&A: Tigers’ Jackson Jobe is raising eyebrows with increased velo, development

Full article at the link

Q: The triple-digit thing always gets everybody excited, including the guy throwing it. Did you know you were hitting 100 with your fastballs before that game?

Jobe: Yeah, for sure. I had a good offseason, a very good offseason. I made some adjustments.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about those adjustments?

Jobe: I think the biggest thing, mechanically, is I wanted to adjust my upper body, keep my upper body as still as possible on the mound — and a lot of that came from having the back injury (diagnosed in March 2023). We sat down with my pitching coach back home and figured something out, something we could tweak that maybe would take some stress off my back. That maybe had something to do with when I got hurt. We cleaned that up a little bit. And I gained some weight, some good weight.

Q: What do you weigh now?

Jobe: About 220. I pitched last year at about 210. Physically, I’m strong and getting stronger. I just feel really good — knock on wood — and just need to keep it that way.

Q: It’s kind of stunning, comparing how you’re feeling today versus a year ago.

Jobe: Yeah, a complete 180. When I was going through it last year, I mean that’s the first time I’d been in rehab and had an injury in my whole life. So, it was really tough. I had high expectations for myself last year, after coming off a year that was just all right, in my mind. To have that happen to me, second week of spring training, that was devastating. And it sucks. I got through it. I made the most of it. Now, I’m coming back and doing really well. I worked my tail off this offseason to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.

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