2024 Top NFL Free Agents

We’ve got Autry Genes!


That pun is Champion level! Straight from the Angels!



I can’t either because stopping the run was working quite well. What’s sad is that on D you strive to make your opponent one dimensional but when we did they ate us up with the dimension that was left, the passing game.

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AJ Epenesa is another edge to ponder

He checks a lot of boxes — I prefer a more athletic DE to mirror Hutch but he’s young and has progressed each year.

Absolutely no. Sorry, 1 trick pony and the trick ain’t that good. I will take a DT with a shitty RAS, I will never take a DE who has a crap RAS. Alex’s RAS was 4.09.

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I think Epenesa’s numbers benefit from attention to other guys on their line. IDK what his run defense is like though. Seems like it’d be ok

He’s an IOWA guy who benefited from their rotation and being a 3rd down guy. He was lucky to get picked where he did. The Bills were underwhelmed, one year after taking AJ they drafted Greg Rousseau in the first and Boogie Basham in the 2nd. He’s still a 3rd down guy and is not a player I would chase. I went to the Bills site and he was 4th in snaps from their DE position last season and wasn’t that far ahead of 5th.

Michael Davis from the LAC is an interesting CB gamble. He’s the poster boy for variance in CB play. 6’2" 200lbs with 4.3 speed coming out of college. Is 29 years old though. Good to very good in '20 and '22. Just to show how good he was here is a visual representation of 2022.

I put EM in there where Moseley would fit if he had enough snaps to qualify. Seems these might be metrics Brad pays attention to. Also a nice reminder that Sutton is capable of high end play.



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Pretty sure every mock draft site had Kindle Vildor rated ahead of L’Jarius Snead in that COVID draft

Predicts Hunter to Detroit

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Hunter is also my ideal target. Won’t be as expensive as some of the other top FAs but is also very effective. And Houston should still find reps. Besides we will have the football version of HHH instead of wrestling.

Chris Jones to the Texans is an interesting landing spot, both for what it does to help the Texans become better and the negative impact on the Chiefs.

Doubt it happens but it is interesting nonetheless

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As good as Chris Jones is, I’m not sure I’d want to outbid 4/$116.


And yes, I know I said to give him a blank check.

Not that blank.


I think jones stays with KC or signs with the Bears.

I know he has been discussed here. 17mm APY is what OTC employee says.

How much are we willing to give up against the run?

In addition to Issac Yiadom, I also find Michael Davis and Kristian Fulton on bounce backs or Bryce Hall to be interesting option at CB.

All would be cheap to varying extents.

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