2nd Preseason Game Thread - Keep it here

if anyone feels like pm’ing a link that works, I’m at home in FL
If not - you guys are my eyes and ears for the game

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test for our guys facing Big Ben.

Tavai starting

Ebron dropping passes vs the lions, ha ha ha
love it!

Lol Eric Ebron and dropping a football


Ebron is awesome!

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A guy who has been prone to some drops? Yep that’s Ebron

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Wait a minute. Legatron vs. that Georgia Tech dude?

This is the punter matchup of the century!!

we play the steelers in the regular season this year too

McNeil sighting

Cephus sighting

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LOL - Fox will CRUSH #2

Someone link me!

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Lots of under center without Goff.

Well pass pro has been solid! lol passing not so much

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Sewell got beat by Melvin Ingram on that rep

Only thing that stops Fox…yellow laundry

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Boyle sucks two wide open wr and misses them bad.


Hey hey thank you! Man they look like smurfs with the blue pants. Silver is more manly, looks tougher!

I agree way off…

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