2nd Preseason Game Thread - Keep it here

Go Lions! And no injuries please and thank you!

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Goff playing?

No Goff, Decker, Ragnow, TJ, Swift, Romeo O, Brockers, and Flowers iirc. One or two others I can’t recall

It’s The PRIDE Vs The Wheels Of Steel…Let’s Go Blue !!

No injuries and let’s just work on our sliders and curveballs!!!

Looking forward to seeing what happens and how players performed but I will do my weekly preseason mantra - don’t get too excited nor too upset over anything that happens!

I’m excited to see the RBs though and T’amu!

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No injuries if you don’t play anyone.

Game is at 7:35 PM

So they have the white jersey with the blue pants… man I just like the white with silver pants look better. It just looks sharper. Ok that’s the one thing I’ll complain about is the blue pants!

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Blough against the Steelers could get real ugly.



Go Bloughy


Miami is playing Tua .

I’m excited for some meaningless preseason action! ha ha

Here we go!

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Big Ben is playing, so this might actually help our D


I actually hope Levi and McNeill only play a quarter or so… maybe Levi can get a half… NO INJURIES DAMMIT!!!


@ DetroitStrong, I agree on the silver pants bud.

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GAME ON ! here we go!

Dannie Rogers is hot !

I got the game.


Great to hear brother

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Lions D scaring teams into false starts, ha ha

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AJ Parker sighting