3 GMs on the hot seat—Quinn deservedly one of them


Of the 3, Pace is the only one who should still be employed today, but still on the hot seat.

B.O.B. and Quinn should have been evicted from football a while back.

I honestly think Quinn deserves way more heat than Patricia. The roster has gotten worse the longer he’s been here. What position groups have improved? Center? WR I guess if you include CJ retiring right before Quinn got here. Good job on Golladay, but even Millen drafted CJ and Cliff Avril. Yay.

EDIT : PS, I just want to throw this in here. My offices are closed because of the pandemic and I have way to much free time to post on here these days. I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to Quinn, but It’s getting on 5 years now and by every metric this team has regressed. I’m so tired of watching good careers get wasted (and more importantly all of our Sundays we’ve ever experienced for the past 50 years) because of having bad leadership in place. Honestly getting a great GM is the ONLY thing that matters, because they are in charge of everything else that happens. Clearly Quinn is not the guy. Maybe I’m wrong and the Lions will have a huge bounceback year. I would love to be wrong! But the evidence is pointing very strongly in the other direction.