3 head coaching interviews on tap for Detroit Lions coordinators

I hope their interviewers ask them about every single third quarter this season.

“Did you spend the third quarter of every game in the bathroom taking a big poop?” is the type of question I would like them to be asked.

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And if you poop, is it loose and watery or well formed and controlled as it leaves the shoot?

Probing/followup questions:

If it is well formed what type of diet did you have previously? If you have a watery blowout, what type of diet did you have prior to the movement?

If you have a well formed, normal movement and then 15 minutes later you have a watery blowout, what action will you take to remedy the situation? What do you think the cause was of this watery blowout so close to a normal movement is?

How do react to a well formed movement? Do you assume the next one is going to fine or are you prepared for the unexpected and can adjust quickly?
How do you react to a watery blowout? Do you run for a quick remedy ie. Immodium or do you you for a longterm solution to the problem?

Answes to these questions will possibly help determine if our next oc/dc coaches will perform in their coaching duties.

Remember i calling glenn to seahawks

I really hope that we don’t lose both of the coordinators in the same cycle. I doubt that we will.

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What the hell’s wrong with you? This is the NFL, man. We don’t ask those kinds of questions.

At least, not until the combine. LOL

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