3 Seahawks players fined for game vs. Lions, including VERY late hit

No Lions have been fined so far this season

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I have to admit that fake by Goff was extremely well done. Many fans in the stadium thought it was a sack too.


More evidence that they were the more aggressive team. I mean, man. They came in here without their two tackles and took out our starting guard, two safeties, running back and James Houston who broke his ankle covering a TE instead of being used at what he does best!

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Total fiasco of a game. All things considered, it should never have gone to overtime, the Lions should have been able to put them away.

The Seahawks came to prove a point and took the Lions by surprise on that front. The Lions kinda got mugged in their own stadium. Fines don’t help much except provide a bit of recognition that the Seahawks were taking liberties.

I hope they have to come back in January because they aren’t winning their division.

The fine for the late hit was a joke. I honestly didn’t like the flag. It was a well sold fake

Com’on on man you can’t hit the QB 3-4 seconds after he got rid of the ball an expect anything else.

Really they should have gotten and unsportsmanlike also for the ridiculous crybaby reaction.

I know its a losing mentality but I was pissed the Lions let him back to the other side of the field without getting jacked up!