#3 Spot

Obviously, I would love to move up to the #2 spot but it is looking very unlikely. I think we might be in the perfect spot for a trade down. Chase Young would be fantastic but we need an influx of talent. If the draft goes Burrow and Young, there will be a trade partner for a QB needy team. Also, remember, someone will blow up the pre draft process and they will be sitting right there for us. Also excited for our early 2nd round pick. Gonna be a fun off season.


I agree, and there are several trade partner candidates. You have Miami, LAC, Carolina and the Jags all possibly in need of a QB

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We are not going to trade down with Quintricia in “win now” mode. It’s the biggest problem with keeping these losers around for next year.

Honestly, we should outsource our draft to a consultant. I’m 1000% positive that McKinley or Deloitte could draft better than 80% of NFL GMs.


Some teams fans look forward to the playoffs.
Lions fans look forward to FA and the draft.
Every single year.


I’m just curious what QB you think teams will want to move-up to pick #3 for?..I’m not seeing anyone.
No one will want to take Tua that high, so who else is there?

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The other fans don’t know what they’re missing.


Burrow is going to go that high, and I guarantee you a few teams are going to fall in love with Justin Herbert.

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I agree. Herbert’s going to be lights out in the pre draft process: physically, mentally and character wise. Unfortunately, when the bullets are live the is just something ineffable that is a miss with him IMO.

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One could argue that a trade down that renders a top 7 prospect and two additional day 2 players might be the best draft strategy in order to win now.

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the OT or CB at 3 if DE is gone

Burrow will be gone by pick 3.
I don’t think Herbert is considered to be on the same level as Burrow and Tua. Eason is actually rated higher than Herbert on some sites. Tua has the hip which I think will scare most teams away, at least until later. Who knows where Fromm will end-up going but obviously not anywhere close to pick 3.

You asked a question, and it was answered. You want to know if there is anyone left that teams could fall in love with to that level (like a Mitch Trubisky). The answer is Justin Herbert. He’s a big kid with a big arm who can run and who won the Academic Heisman. This is not an assessment on how the kid is going to perform at the next level. But Justin Herbert is the kind of kid that has the possibility of moving up draft boards in a meaningful way during the pre-draft process. Teams desperate for a QB can talk themselves into him.


Herbert’s going to do amazingly well in every single facet of the draft process. Will do very well throwing during his pro day, crush it in the interviews and on the wonderlic test.

I’m pretty sure he’s going to climb leading up to the draft. Especially if the Tua injury picture is cloudy.

I don’t love him. I do think he’s better than Daniel Jones though. Herbert will be an okay pro I just can’t escape the feeling that he’s missing that it factor.


This is the first time I’ve seen a legitimate trade down opportunity for the Lions (Calvin, Stafford and Suh were all non-negotiable top-3 picks)…

The issue is, its Quinn who would be making that trade down. I don’t trust his judgment to maximize that opportunity.
I could see him converting that pick into multiple players who never make the Pro Bowl.


If Chase Young is there, you run your card up to the podium.

If he’s not, we have to hope some team not far below us is in love with Tua.

It would be great if a bidding war ensued for him. A perfect scenario would be only having to move down to, say, Miami’s slot, getting an extra second AND DT Brown or LB Simmons or CB Okudah.

I used to believe that we needed to build our depth because we were playing players that we weren’t even sure that they should be in the league. We brought in safe guys with solid floors in the first. Took guys that had risk, but potential upside in the second, and bpa beyond that.

Well our first rounders are who we thought they were. Our second rounders have hit and missed along with our later picks.

I now believe that we need to grab a difference maker with the 3rd pick of this draft. Young would be ideal imo, but if he is gone… Then let’s grab the player that our opponent must game plan for. If that is a wire receiver, so be it. But at the end of the day, we must move the needle this year. We will all know more after the underwear Olympics.


No, If Young is there for us to pick WE would jump to get him ‘most likely’ but the question is would Quin !? I have my doubts.

I will bet a virtual beer that young is picked by the Skins and we pick Okudah

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Could be. I was looking at some mocks this morning and a lot have the Redskins taking Young. Not that mocks mean anything, but I would be pretty bummed.

I know I’ll be rooting like heck for the 'skins to win this weekend.

I’m starting to sour on Brown as well after seeing his game film against Alabama that someone posted. It was disappointing what looked like him giving up on plays in that game. Read some analysis on him that stated he tends to stop moving his feet when being engaged rather than trying to fight through it, and that his tackle radius can be a concern as well.

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If we want a high motor high character guy we should look at Espensa. He was double and tripled all year so his production isn’t amazing but kid has a motor

Possibly we color trade down. Unless he tears up the combine I’d guess he gets picked in the 8-16 range