3 veteran free agents the Detroit Lions could still sign

I would love for them to grab another LB. There are so many left on the market that would help and come cheap.

Nick Kwiatkowski

Joe Schobert

KJ Wright

AJ Klein

I also wouldn’t mind DE/DT Morgan Fox who played for the Rams.

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I wanted Kwon Alexander a long time ago, but I doubt we sign him. We don’t think linebackers are important for some reason.

We’re just saving room for Penei’s little brother in 2023.


Watched many Oregon games last year to scout Thibs… Noah kept standing out as the best defender on the Ducks Defense.


Think he ends up transitioning to a DE/Edge at 6’ 2" 260# with a 4.7 40. Would be cool to see brothers on the same team though.

Amazing the difference faith in a GM and HC has. I started thinking about what we need to add in the draft next year, then thought to myself why? Let’s enjoy watching them play and decide after the season. Been a long time since we’ve been able to say that as fans of this organization. Always had to think about the following year too soon.


He is going to be a Top 10 pick for sure.

I’d go with Wright. For both a veteran presence and need some help on special teams.

I wanted Trae coming out of State. Now, I wouldn’t risk losing the young guys we have by trying to get them to the Practice Squad.
That’s the (good) problem with having a complete team. You don’t make changes for the sake of making changes, anymore.
But, the real true beauty is, you don’t have to keep overpaying.
I expect us to roll with the team we have, for the most part. Any adjustments will probably be made in season.

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I’d gladly replace Anzalone with Kwon in a heartbeat. Kwon is a guy who can lead by example better then Anzalone IMO and is a better LB overall. I’m rooting for Anzalone to succeed of course, but he’s gonna have to play much better(and that goes with all the LBs no exception) then he did last year.

Need a vet DB for sure. Also want one more LB.

We disagree we don’t need a vet CB or DB we have AO who is year 4 an Walker are coach is a Vet
All your doing is over paying for someone who is looking for his retirement check same old mistakes been made for years We all saw it time an time again. Let the young guys we have get playing time that is needed .


One year deals dont kill us. Plus you have never been right


We did bring in vet safety Deshon Elliot and vet corner Mike Hughes on one year deals. Both will likely see a fair amount of playing time in the secondary.

I’d be all for Kwon Alexander on a 1 year deal to help the linebackers.


Yes but other then AO at corner there is no one. Bringing in players wont hurt us at all.

I actually think the corner depth is pretty good.

AO, Okudah, Hughes, Iffy, Parker, Jacobs, and Lucas. That’s 7 deep at corner. Jacobs probably starts the year on PUP though.

I am not wrong in saying you just want all old retirement players I want them to give young players playing time So I say I am right on this one

Okudah was with team today working out think this is first day with group We have enough Vet experience Let them gain more playing

They are question marks. Getting a vet to compete doesn’t hurt the team one bit.

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So again we dont have to break the bank to get another vet to put compete with the young guys. Sitting on money is dumb.