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On October 30th 2022, the Lions lost to the Dolphins to fall to 1-7. We were talking about MCDC losing the locker room, blowing this whole thing up including fire Dan.

Less than 150 days later, we are where we are now. AMAZING!!


1-6…goes to show you the people overreact and needed to relax.


I stand corrected. 1-6. Threw the bye week in there. In retrospect that week felt like a loss too.


Gotta give us at least a tie against the bye week brother! We aren’t thaaaaat baaaaad…I think… :joy: :crazy_face:

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I was being ridiculed for talking about how we had the best coach & GM in the NFL. LOL.


There were a few holdouts.

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Yep, I recall that. I’m pretty sure I stayed in DC/BH corner as well, althought I had a brief Goff hiccup during that phase but he definitely rose up to the DC challenge to perform better.

This is no big surprise. If they start next year one and six we’re all going to be calling for their heads again


I think it was completely reasonable for people to be ready to sink the ship after 1-6…. After 3-13-1.
Well done on keeping the faith.


& handsomeness

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It was the aura of “Hard Knocks” that turned the table.

Not many. I’m not happy admitting I was seriously questioning him. I was seriously pissed after the Vikings loss.

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