4 cut to make room for UDRFAs including P Matt Wile

ALLEN PARK – The Detroit Lions have cut four players to make room for their draft class and undrafted free agents, including running back Tra Carson.

Punter Matt Wile, guard Casey Tucker and long snapper James Fisher were the other cuts.

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We now have room for 7 UDFA’s

That accounts for the 7 that Birkett had:

May have been Birkett I was listening to, but whoever it was said they, (the lions) really like Fox. He expects him to be the new punter

Never understood the infatuation with Tra Carson over Zach Zenner unless they were trying to lose.

I think several here called Fox as the next punter, looks true

Who were the attackers that called Quin names when we saw him get a Punter an LS in UDFA

Was it stupid to hang on to 2 until you got agreement with 2 from UDFA . I also said they like Fox but who knows maybe the UDFA can beat him out.

Fox is like Martin he also would handle kickoffs . Maybe new punter does same.