4 Keys to a Lions victory against the Chiefs in Week 1

No. 4 is of vital importance. In the pre-season, the Lions didn’t give up a lot of chunk yards to RBs. It was mostly QBs on scrambles.

I don’t see this happening as AG and DC aren’t fans of utilizing spies.
More about setting the edge and contain

Spying on Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes wows everyone with his generational arm talent and decision-making. What truly hurts defenses is the ability he has to pick up yards by scrambling and his natural knowhow of where the first down marker is. Stopping Mahomes from scrambling and picking up first downs on third down to extend drives should be a major part of their game plan on Thursday night.

Here are my 4 keys….

  1. If Kelce nor C Jones play, then the game plan must be adapted. I’m sorry but I don’t see Toney, MVS, Moore, Pacheco, and N Gray hitting 27 points if our D is improved. Pacheco runs hard and fast, and I think Jack Campbell’s instincts to always be where he should, and wrap up are ideally suited to play this offense. He drops into zone well, and has the athleticism to stay with the backup TEs easily. They have a couple jitterbug type WRs in Toney and Moore, but we have to great tacklers in Branch and CJ…. I’d put Sutton on MVS- and let Kerry patrol centerfield. I think Donovan Smith will have his hands full with Hutch and Houston rotating different styles. BASICALLY PLAY THE THE MATCHUPS….

  2. The combo of Mike Dana, Derrick Nnandi, T Wharton isn’t fear inspiring as a DL…. Missing C Jones and Frank Clark is a pretty big deal…. First rounder FAU has some big shoes week one, as the 3 listed above are kind of Buggs, Benito, Romeo talent wise…. Scheming around Karlaftis and Bolton in the front 7 shouldn’t be that difficult for Ben. Lots of Monty at the undersized interior, then speed in space with Gibby, Laporta, Ra…. I WOULD RUN 30 time and 22 with Monty/Netflix- our OL big, their DL small and LBs fast

  3. Mahomes has a 111 passer rating against the blitz…. He also averaged 2.99 seconds vs no blitz allowing him more time than most QBs…. Consider he’s spent his whole career mostly having 2 of the most unique and uncover-able players in NFL history in Hill and Kelce…. Basically knowing he had a matchup to exploit any time the defense short changed their coverage has been a weapon. I’d rush 4… and it would be a heavy rotation of Hutch, Harris, Houston outside and Alim, Paschal, and Comish inside.

  4. The most important is no rust from the offense. Goff needs to have a big first drive, maybe start play action to Gibbs, and a drag route to LaPorta with some RAC…. Then line up in a passing formation a run a delay draw to Gibby…. If Lions can get 15 yards on their first 2 plays, and make the Chiefs punt on their first drive- then I expect the Lions to bully them.

Donovan Smith and J Taylor were 58 and 67 rated OTs last year. Inferior players to the departed Orlando Brown and Andrew Wylie.

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