4 Lions free agents the team must re-sign

With the way guys get paid in FA, I’m guessing he is going to get twice as much as we think he should get. lol.

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Walker and Kerby play the same position, walkers one bad season was when he moved to more of SS role. He doesn’t do well there from what ive seen.




Exit meeting 2021-22 season:
“Can I please get released?”
Exit meeting 2022-2023 season:
“Can you please bring me back?”
. . .

Everyone played bad under that scheme with those coaches. IMHO having two FS types is better than not for this system. They use the 3rd Safety in the box, or if they go single high, then moving Walker down would not be a liability. He’s instinctive, a willing tackler, has range AND is good in coverage.

For me it comes down to this, is Elliot a better cover guy, than Walker is against the run? Where will you LOSE more when you scheme for a pass and it’s a run or vice versa. Elliot gave up an over 80% completion rate for over 500 yards. That is BAD. I think Walker can do more around the LOS, as he did early this season, under THIS coaching staff better than asking Elliot to not give up an 80% completion rate, which he did under this exact coaching staff. Walker has two hundred tackle seasons under his belt, which is good for him, but man what an indictment of our past front sevens. Woof!

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I was on the anyone but Anzalone board early on but he really grew on me. I think he should be back as well. Also love me some Buggs and Commish.

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This is true


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