4 Lions free agents the team must re-sign


All for the right price.

But I think Elliot is gone. Can’t pay him what he’ll want to be a backup. Got KuJo and Walker


What exactly has Walker done here to make him a better starter than a guy like Elliot? Walker is not a playmaker and no where near as good in run support or tackler as Elliot is. I like Walker but he’s so average it’s not even funny.


He’s made more tackles, having two seasons with over 100 tackles. Elliot never has even this year. His coverage grades are waaaay better. Elliot allowed over 80% completion% against giving up 552 yards. Walker this year for example was at 25% against though only 3 games. In years where he was playing more, he was still at 66.7% at his worst. Look, I like Elliot, but statistically he simply is not as good in run support, and really not as good in coverage. I’d love to resign Elliot to be our #3 Safety, but it’s Walker and Joseph’s world now and Elliot is just living in it for the moment. I think he’ll stay with us for a reasonable sum. Definitely not big money.


I would like to bring them all back but I think Chark is gone strictly based on money and the investment we have in Jamo.

I’m curious to see what the market is going to be with Elliot, because we seen a big difference especially against the run when he was out.

I would also bring back Buggs, dude was playing at a high level against the run at the end of the season.


Bring them all back. Chark could get a bag though from someone like Chicago who has no wr talent. We could also see guys take less to stay. Cominsky has said he would….anzalone did last year. Elliott is very close to Brian duker……I don’t think you can underestimate the lions giving him his shot and believing in him where the ravens sent him packing.


And he’s severely injured. Anyone counting on him starting week 1 next year is very likely going to be disappointed. Getting him back mid season would be nice. Either we bring back Elliot or we need to sign a different vet safety to pair with Kerby.


Anal zone
Big john

Should all return. Need to improve the defense


Article should have said 5. Excluding Buggs shows he didn’t pay enough attention when or if he watched the games.

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Yeah they missed a couple

He’s also young, so he’s probably a guy that a team will go after with bigger bucks than we “should” spend for him, with Walker coming back and us striking gold with Kerby. I’d definitely like to keep him, and perhaps he’ll be fine coming back here even if he has to compete for a starting job.

But IMO, if everyone is healthy coming out of camp I think it’s Walker/Kerby one, two. Lest we forget Walker is pretty good at laying the wood too #natti. Kerby has shown it way more than I thought he could with what I saw of him in college. Both of them are much better in coverage. So we’ll see.

Honest question , but do you see Walker playing SS the same as Elliott? I just don’t see Walker as a thumper SS playing in the box in Glenn’s system and being as good as Elliott. I believe Walker would excel as a FS much like Kerby, I see them as redundant. But that is just me hence the question.

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Ji Ayor Brown in round 3 or Adrian Amos for 2 years and 12M.

Tracy was always a better tackler than cover safety. This is why we drafted Kerby to pair with him. Thumper is not the right word, but Walker is very good in run support. I’d love to get the Notre Dame safety though in the draft.

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I think Elliot is our best safety and I expect him to be back. He’s the only true SS on the roster.

Comish will likely be back as well.

Chark I’m not so sure on. I’m not convinced he’s in our long term plans.

Williams I think we will try to resign but it wouldn’t shock me if he’s gone via FA.

NO…. Patricia tried Walker in the SS roll and up in the box and Walker struggled heavily. He’s not good in traffic.

He plays down hill well but up in traffic he’s a dumpster fire. Walker is best as a deep safety. I think Kirby was drafted to eventually replace Walker.

Walker and Kerby are a good problem to have - at FS. Which is why I think you do try and re-sign Elliot and hope it works out for both sides. At some point may have to look at a SS in the draft.


Thanks Air, that is what I remember but with some talking about having Walker and Kerby next year and not having to resign Elliott, I thought maybe I was missing something.

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Walker has never been one to shy away from contact. It’s just we haven’t seen him all year. For his whole time here, he’s been expected to do it all. Having to just be the box Safety at times when we do run single high, would be great for Walker. He would be no slouch in that role. I think Walker can play FS or SS. I do not think Elliot can play FS at as high of a level as Walker or Joseph. So the reason I say Walker/Joseph one-two, is that both of those guys can be physical and cover and that is how you elevate the position.

I’m not knocking Elliot and I really do hope we resign him. He would get meaningful snaps with us as a 3rd Safety. But I would not prefer we promote Elliot to demote Walker. Walker is the more versatile player.

This is true. It’s very possible in the right scheme (ie not Patricias) he could be valuable there. I do know that despite being the “FS”, I feel like before he got hurt we saw him all over the place, in the right place, attacking, tackling etc those first X amount of games. I know of at least 2 or 3 where it seemed like he was determined to be on TV every other play.

I feel this way as well. We know Elliot is a team player from his comments. I guess the question is, is he only a team player as a starter. Because if t hey could make Kerby/Walker work.

But again, they’re both FS.