4 takeaways from J.B. Bickerstaff's introductory press conference with Detroit Pistons

  1. Bickerstaff’s experience elevated him in the coach search
  2. He sees big potential in Cade Cunningham – on both sides
  3. Time with the Cavs will help him navigate Cunningham-Ivey pairing
  4. Adding veterans to the roster was a priority
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Did he mention anything in regards to the bar being high!?

No, he was able to reach all the bottles??

Drink Bar GIF by The Roku Channel

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Im not sure that Garland-Mitchell really worked for them, so #3 is sketch.

Also, they had a true point and a ball in my hands 2.
Not everyone can be Isiah and Joe I guess.

He now has a ball in my hands 2 at the 1 and a point forward 3 at the 2.

Good luck w that

Well, as I said before, I like him. See it in his eyes. He wants to win, and so long as he wans to win…I think we finally have a coach for the Detroit Pistons.

Did he tell the reporters to sit up straight?

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Have some respect for the process… that reporter should have told Fatty to shove his pencil where the sun don’t shine :joy:

That fourth takeaway could be huge. I know teams like to be always pushing for either youth or super teams, but that means there is a big market of functional vets out there. Seems like just yesterday we won a title with a bunch of cast off vets

His shovel is sharp and his pick is sharp and his will is outstanding.

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No, but we’re aiming for meaningful games in January.

Patricia was right when he said “the season doesn’t start until after Thanksgiving.” In Dan’s first season he didn’t even bother winning a single game until the week after Thanksgiving. The following year we went 5-1 after Thanksgiving and 4-7 outside of that. And of course last year we didn’t win the division or a playoff game until after Thanksgiving. :upside_down_face: