4 takeaways from the draft

Some may not necessarily like everything he says but he has had some good insights. He did call Okudah to Detroit back in February. He isn’t saying anything many here haven’t already suggested. This is more confirmation of what we discuss a lot here already.

This doesn’t inspire confidence. And it also goes against the “multiple” mantra. We should be able to beat you with not only force, but speed also. I feel like we’ll end up being a big, slow yet powerful team. But hey, I hope we’ll be better at what we are, than you are a what you are. This better freaking work.

OK, I’m not going to pick it apart, just re-state the points in a way that I agree with:

  1. The Lions didn’t reach for a player to address their edge need in the 2nd, choosing instead the best player available, who Jeremiah had a 1st round grade on.
  2. Jeff Okudah is the perfect fit for Patricia and the Lions.
  3. The Lions are committed to establishing a more effective running attack.
  4. Actually, there’s no way to re-state this. He’s just wrong.
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“In short, get used to the coverage sack being the Lions way of creating the pass rush.”
So, win on D without sacking the QB. I mean, I guess it could work, but color me skeptical.
“The offense is moving to a more run-based attack ”
For the 8th year in a row, we’re going to be a running team now!
Again, I hope these things work. I can’t let myself be let down again though. New regime 2021.